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Cultures & Peoples 

Cultures and Peoples courses allow students to study in depth one or more aspects of a non-Western culture (i.e., those of Africa, the Middle East, East Asia, and indigenous cultures of Oceania, and North and South America) or to study historical and contemporary interactions between non-Western and Western cultures. Courses may consider art, music, drama, literature, religion, science, philosophy, history, politics, or social norms and practices of non-Western cultures and peoples. Courses may also focus on a non-Western sub-culture within a Western culture. In this case emphasis should be placed on the sub-culture's non-Western roots and on its effort to preserve a distinct identity within the mainstream culture. To be approved, the content of a course must be substantially on non-Western cultures and peoples, that is, at least half of the semester should be devoted to non-Western cultures and peoples.

Completion of a Cultures and Peoples course has been a part of the College's general education requirements since June 2005.  Prior to this date, courses in Cultures and Peoples were offered as electives. 

Courses used to satisfy the Cultures and Peoples requirement may be used to satisfy prerequisites and major requirements, but not another general education requirement.  Courses currently approved by the Wofford faculty to fulfill the Cultures and Peoples requirement are listed below:

 ARTH 220 –  Survey of Asian Art History 
 ARTH 225 – Islamic Art 
 ARTH 241 – African Art 
 ARTH 280 – The Art and Culture of Islam**
 ARTH 280 – Introduction to Non-Western Art**
 ARTH 321 – Art of South Asia
 ARTH 322 – Art of China
 ARTH 323 – Art of Japan    
 CHIN 280 – Selected Topics in Chinese Study
 CHIN 304 – Chinese Culture Through Film
 CHIN 306 – Intercultural Communication between East and West
 CHIN 307 – Modern China: 1850 - Present
 CHIN 412 – Chinese Literature
 ECO 336 – Economics of Native Americans
 ECO 441 – Comparative Economic Systems
 ENGL 204 – Survey of World Literature
 ENGL 319 – Native American Literature
 ENGL 320 – African American Literature
 ENGL 324 – Ethnic American Literature
 ENGL 339  – Race, Gender and Empire
 ENGL 340 – African Literature
 ENGL 358 – Literature & Human Rights
 ENGL 359 – World Literature; The Global South
 ENGL 361 – African American Drama
 FREN 306 – The French World: Africa, Europe, and the Americas
 GER 406 – Multiculturalism and Diversity in the German-Speaking World
 GOV 361 – Middle East Politics
 GOV 363 – African Politics
 HIST 291 – Modern Middle East
 HIST 292 – Modern East Asia
 HIST 293 – History of the Peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa
 HIST 294 – History of Slavery and Slave Societies
 HIST 296 – Colonial Latin American History
 HIST 297 – Modern Latin American History
 HIST 490 – The Family in Latin American History**
 LACS 320 – Americas, Seminar I
 LACS 321 – Americas, Seminar II
 MLLC 223 – Global Perspectives
 PHIL 201 – World Philosophy
 PHIL 331 – African Philosophy
 PHIL 333 – Chinese Philosophy
 PHIL 335 – Buddhist Philosophy
 REL 240 – Religions of the World
 REL 260 – Introduction to Religion
 REL 261 – Religious Pilgrimage
 REL 282 – Christianity in China**
 REL 355 – Islamic Religious Traditions
 REL 356 – Religions of Asia
 REL 357 – Buddhist Religious Traditions
 REL 358 – Hindu Religious Traditions
 REL 361– Fieldwork on Religion:  Experiencing Religious Lives
 SOC 201 – Introduction to Archaeology and Physical Anthropology
 SOC 202  – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology and Communications
 SOC 225 – Human Ecology
 SOC 250 – Sex & Gender Across Cultures
 SOC 300 – Ethnography
 SOC 310 – Ethnographic Film                                                                                             
 SOC 311 – Ecological Anthropology
 SOC 312 – Medical Anthropology
 SOC 313 – Cultures of Southeast Asia and Oceania
 SOC 314  – Prehistory and History of Native American Culture in the Southeast  
 SPAN 305 – The Hispanic World: Spanish America
 SPAN 309 – Building Linguistic and Cultural Competence Through Oral Texts
 SPAN 311 – Leadership & Social Change in the Hispanic World
 THEA 361 – African-American Drama

 **The only Special Topics courses that meet the Cultures and Peoples requirement are those listed above as designated by course subject, number, and title.