The Public Policy Council

The mission of the non-partisan Public Policy Council is to encourage participation by faculty, staff and students in the political and governmental process, at the local, state and national levels.

The council assists the Department of Government in planning Constitution Day activities each September 17. Also, every fall, the council works with faculty members and student organizations to encourage, facilitate and coordinate voter registration.

In the spring, the council works as an advocate for financial aid and scholarship programs, particularly at the state level.

The council also helps to interpret and support the college’s “open speaker” policy for political candidates and government officials.

A chartered student organization or faculty department may invite any desired guest to speak. Opening such meetings or class sessions to all members of the college community is strongly encouraged, with the proviso that an opportunity should be provided for a general question and answer session following the presentation.

A different procedure must be followed if the talk or forum will be open to the general public and promoted off-campus, particularly if the format involves a rally or debate. In those situations, the Public Policy Council must be consulted early in the planning process.

2012-2013 Public Policy Council contacts
Co-chairs, Jacon Godwin (student co-chair) and Doyle Boggs (staff co-chair)