Thanks for South Carolina Tuition Grants

South Carolina Tuition Grants are very important to Wofford College students, with 45 percent of the student body qualifying for this need-based grant as a part of their financial aid packages.  Below, two former Wofford students talk about the importance of the South Carolina Tuition Grant program.

Steven Blanton Steven Blanton 
I am forever indebted to State lawmakers who have helped to provide students financial assistance through the South Carolina Tuition Grants (SCTG) program. Growing up, I could only imagine what it would be like to attend a Phi Beta Kappa liberal arts college like Wofford. Today, I am living my dream because of my South Carolina Tuition Grant and other scholarships. I have been given opportunities as a student that I fear I would have never received at any other institution, such enjoying as a simple cup of coffee with a professors who has come to be my friend It often amazes me how something so little could make such I huge difference in my life.

The SCTG program clearly is providing choices for postsecondary higher education to all South Carolinians in a way that is a cost-effective investment of our tax dollars. By attending an independent college, I am saving money for the Palmetto State. At a public university, I would benefit from the direct tuition subsidy (a per-student average of $5,851) and taxpayer-funded capital projects.

Without my need-based grant, I would not be able to afford the rising cost of higher education, let alone Wofford. I hope legislators will continue to invest in and enhance need-based student financial aid and scholarships in the future, continuing to offer other students the same opportunities I have been so blessed with. I live and learn at a place that I have surely come to be a part of and love.


Mary EgbuniweMary Egbuniwe
Receiving the S.C. Tuition Grant gave me a choice. I was able to consider all of my in-state college options equally, without the stress of worrying too much about tuition costs. Graduating from a small high school, I knew that I wanted to attend a small college. I knew that I wanted my experience to be personal, my education to be intimate, and my success to be a goal shared by my professors and mentors. The grant made my decision to attend Wofford College possible.

Because the state appropriations for operations and capital projects offset a good part of the cost of all students who attend public colleges, tuition and fees at independent colleges can be considerably higher. At Wofford, an estimated 87 percent (1001 of 1150) of the students receive financial aid, and 45 percent (452 or 1001) of these students qualify for the South Carolina Tuition Grant as part of their financial aid package.

With three children in college at the same time, the financial aid given by the commission has helped ease my parents’ burden of paying for my education. Along with financial stability towards my college tuition, receiving the grant also give me confidence. As a recipient of the grant, I felt the support from the entire state of South Carolina. Earning the faith of the S.C. Tuition Grant Commission, I believed I could be successful at in college. Now with the trust given to me by Wofford College, I know I will be triumphant in the world.