It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time." - Sir Winston Churchill  

Register to Vote

If you need help registering to vote or finding your county or state election officials, please contact us at ext. 4184.

Online Registration

Direct online registration is available to individuals with an in-state driver's license for the following states: 
Arizona  Nevada (Clark County residents only)
Colorado  Oregon 
Indiana  Utah 
Kansas  Washington 

South Carolina Residents 

Click here for a Voter Registration Form.  Mail the application to your county board of voter registration.

Click here for a South Carolina county address list.

Presidential Preference Primary? Primary? Election?

A Presidential Preference Primary is considered a "straw vote" by the political party and gives the state's first legitimate opinion about a candidate.  Voters must chose one political party and cast their vote for a presidential candidate.
A Primary Election is held by each political party to determine the state's favorite candidate for each party before the National Convention.  Voters must choose one political party and vote "straight ticket" choosing candidates from that particular party for each office.
A General Election is held in November with one candidate from each political party.  Voters may vote for candidates in both parties in a multiple office election.