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Psychology Major Requirements

Corequisite for the Major:
MATH 140

Requirements for the Major:
38 semester hours as follows: the Psychology Core (PSY 200, 220, 230, 240, 300, either 310 or 315, and either 320 or 350), the Senior Thesis (451 or 452), and three approved electives. The list of approved electives includes courses in Psychology as well as certain courses in other departments. Students should contact the department chair for the current list.

All Psychology courses at the 200-level and above will be included in the calculations for determining the student’s grade-point average in the major.

Students who major in Psychology must meet the requirements for the B.S. degree. Thus, they are required to complete eight hours of laboratory science outside the Department of Psychology. BIO 212 is strongly recommended as one of the four-hour courses to be completed toward this requirement. BIO 104, CHEM 104, GEO 104 and PHY 104 do not contribute to the requirement.

Students majoring in Psychology may complete the Program in Neuroscience. Administered by the departments of Biology and Psychology, the program in Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary examination of the nervous system and its regulation of behavior. Completion of the program will be noted on the transcript. By carefully selecting courses, students may complete both the major in Psychology and the program in Neuroscience. Many of the required courses count toward both the major in Psychology and the program in Neuroscience.

Students majoring in Psychology can obtain an Emphasis in Computational Science. The interdisciplinary field of computational science applies computer science and mathematics to psychology and the other sciences. For requirements, see the Catalogue section on Computational Science.

Students in the Teacher Education Program who are seeking to complete licensure requirements to teach psychology should refer to the Teacher Education Handbook and consult with the chairs of the Departments of Psychology and Education to review the extent to which departmental and teacher preparation requirements differ and to develop plans for meeting both.