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Request a Recommendation

When you request letters of recommendation from faculty, you are asking us to accept an important role in your future. This is an important part of our responsibilities as professors at Wofford – a role that we take seriously. We are honored that you have chosen us to represent you. We want you to excel in life. This requires an appropriate match between your interests/abilities and the position you are seeking. We must write accurate recommendations because inaccurate recommendations may prevent qualified students from gaining admission or be hired in subsequent years. When schools/agencies request recommendations, they ask for our best judgment of the fit between their program/work environment and your abilities, motivation, and education. They need to have sufficient details to make a decision. A brief standardized letter from us would not help you or them. Wofford is proud of the close relationships that develop between students and faculty. But that does not mean that the faculty can remember all of the important details of your life at the moment when we write letters of recommendation, especially if you have already graduated. As we write letters, we need to be aware of those facts that would allow us to write a detailed letter of recommendation to demonstrate that we know you as an individual, not just as a social security number that once took a course with us as in some schools.  

By asking you to complete this form, we are asking you to provide extensive information that we can use to write letters of recommendation that are sufficiently detailed to optimize the match between your abilities, motivation, and education and the program/work environment that you are considering. A good match is the best step toward a successful career.

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