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Rat Basketball

Rat Basketball LogoThe Hoop-Rat Classic Basketball Tournament

Professors in the Wofford College Psychology Department go out of their way to ensure that their courses are both academically superior and fun! One example of how our courses have included fun activities is the Hoop-Rat Classic. The tournament was the culmination of three months of training carried out by Wofford psychology students enrolled in Dr. Alliston Reid's course, Behavior Analysis, as part of its laboratory component.

In fall 2009, a dozen rats were trained to play one-on-one basketball in a miniature court, and the top seven rats made it to the Hoop-Rat Classic finals on Monday, Dec. 7.

Previously, when the competition was held in 2002, two local TV stations - WSPA (CBS affiliate) and WYFF (NBC affiliate) - covered the tournament, and the local newspaper, the Spartanburg Herald-Journal also ran an article.  Later, CBS News distributed the footage to its affiliate stations from Canada to Venezuela.

The Associated Press distributed the newspaper article first published by the Herald-Journal across the eastern half of the United States. Brief clips of our tournament were shown on the Today Show.

View the video of the 2009 Hoop-Rat Classic:

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You can watch two brief 1-3 minute film clips below from the 2002 event: