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Prospective Students

Our psychology majors are happy! They love our courses, the professors, the internships, the excellent opportunities for graduate study, and the wide variety of careers available. There is always something fun and educational going on in our department! You can dive into the many research projects going on, take part in the many social opportunities, and tailgate with thePsychology Kingdom at the football games. We have many social activities within the department to promote student interaction and create important social bonds between students and professors. Students usually say that these are the best years of their lives! Talk to our students and graduates, and find out what they think!

If you want to understand people and have a meaningful career that benefits others, then come talk to us. We provide many opportunities and activities that cannot be listed in the space provided. We are very excited about our program and proud of the successes of our students. New psychology majors become part of the psychology family, and membership in the family does not end when you graduate and leave Wofford for your own meaningful career. Selecting our Psychology Program means creating life-long bonds of friendship, affection, and pride.

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