Rat in lab

Considering a Major in Psychology?

Greetings! I am Dr. Kara Bopp, Chair of the Psychology Department. I am delighted that you are considering majoring in psychology here at Wofford College. This is a really exciting time for our Psychology Program.

Here are some highlights:

Our students were recently on national and international television (CBS News, NBC News, The Today Show, etc) and in dozens of newspapers for their hilarious “Final Four Rat Basketball Tournament.” Students trained rats to play one-on-one basketball, and the best four players made it to the final tournament. This was one way that we try to make our courses fun and educational. You can join in the fun by watching some of the TV footage on your computer by visiting our web page. Our students organize this tournament every year.

We have recently moved into the New Milliken Science Center which has provided us with wonderful new labs and classrooms. It also provides us with more opportunities to interact more closely with the other science departments such as Biology. This has been a really exciting move for us, and our students love their new home. You can see details of these labs by checking out our web site: http://www.wofford.edu/psychology/.

Our faculty continues to expand because of the increasing numbers of students wanting to major in psychology. We have many enthusiastic and dedicated professors including: a clinical psychologist emphasizing children’s social relations; a clinical health psychologist who specializes in the etiology and treatment of chronic pain; two neuroscientists who is a specialist in brain – behavior relations, particularly our sensory systems; a clinical psychologist specializing in post-traumatic stress disorder and alcohol/drug rehabilitation, a cognitive psychologist specializing in how our memory changes over our lifespan, and a legal psychologist whose specialty is decision making in the courtroom.

We have recently completed an extensive revision of our curriculum. Our science-based psychology courses are absolutely up-to-date, providing an excellent background for a wide variety of career choices. Even though Wofford chooses to remain small, our students receive an excellent education covering all important areas of psychology. For example, an average of 63% of our psychology majors continue in higher education in graduate school, medical school, and law school, etc. In each of the last several years when our seniors took the standardized exit exam, their average score (across the entire department) was at or above the 90th percentile nationally – a score higher than most Ivy League schools.

From the point of view of national priorities, this is a great time to study psychology. The decade of 1990-2000 was The Decade of the Brain, and 2000-2010 is The Decade of Behavior! These national priorities reflect outstanding opportunities for education, research, and careers across the United States. What can you do with a psychology degree from Wofford? You can see an impressive list of the careers our psychology graduates have actually entered by checking out our web site. Studying psychology helps you understand people – what career would not benefit by an education in psychology?

Our students have been publishing their own research in top journals and presenting it at conferences across the U. S. Students and professors work together closely in a wide variety of research activities. Students obtain a great education and form long-term friendships with their mentors. You can check out what our students have been doing at our web site.

Perhaps most importantly, our psychology majors are happy! They love our courses, the professors, the internships, the excellent opportunities for graduate school, and a wide variety of careers. We have many social activities within the department to promote student interaction and create important social bonds between students and professors. Students usually say that these are the best years of their lives! Talk to our students and graduates, and find out what they think!  

If you want to understand people and have a meaningful career that benefits others, then come talk to us. We provide many opportunities and activities that cannot be listed in the space provided. We are very excited about our program and proud of the successes of our students. New psychology majors become part of the psychology family, and membership in the family does not end when you graduate and leave Wofford for your own meaningful career. Selecting our Psychology Program means creating life-long bonds of friendship, affection, and pride. 

I hope you will check out our web site and see some of the ways we have fun obtaining a great education. When you have questions, please feel free to contact me. If you can, come visit our labs and attend some of our classes. See what we are like. I look forward to getting to know you.