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 The Purpose of Wofford College  

 "A Wofford education rests upon a broad curriculum of basic courses, complemented by a solid mastery of a major, and extended at every level of study by an emphasis on integrative learning that best suits our graduates for the realities they will encounter.  It is this that enables them to make connections, to cross boundaries and negotiate a world no longer divided so neatly into categories of endeavor."---Dr. Benjamin B. Dunlap, President Emeritus 

The purpose of Wofford College is to function as a liberal arts institution of superior quality.  Its chief concern is the development of an intellectual, spiritual and aesthetic atmosphere in which serious and inquiring minds of students and faculty alike will be challenged to a common search for truth and freedom, wherever that search may lead, and in which each person may become aware of his or her own individual worth while aspiring to high standards of learning and morality.

In such an environment all members of the Wofford College community should develop intellectual curiosity, independence of thought, maturity of judgment, self-discipline, religious faith, and moral character so that they will be ever sensitive to the duties and responsibilities of good citizenship and render effective leadership and generous service to the communities in which they live.

This concept of liberal arts education is in harmony with the ideals of the United Methodist Church, to which the College is related, and should lead to a Christian philosophy of life among all who study and teach and work here.
Adopted by the Faculty, September 10, 1965, and the Board of Trustees, October 5, 1965.