Students and professor working in neuroscience

Health Careers Advisors

Dr. Natalie Spivey
Dr. Natalie Spivey
Coordinator for Health Careers Advising
Assistant Professor of Biology

B.S., Emory University
Ph.D., Duke University
(864) 597-4668
Dr. Charlie Bass
Dr. Charles Bass
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Hearn McCalla Professor of Chemistry

B.S., William Carey College
Ph.D., University of Tennessee
(864) 597-4631
Dr. Robert Moss
Dr. Robert Moss
Professor of Biology

B.S., University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D., Harvard University
(864) 597-4623
Dr. Cecile Nowatka
Dr. Cecile Nowatka
Associate Professor of Psychology

B.A., University of Virginia
M.A., College of William and Marry
Ph.D., University of Kentucky
(864) 597-4648
Dr. John Moeller
Dr. John Moeller
Associate Professor of Biology

B.A., University of California, San Diego
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara
(864) 597-4627
Dr. Chris Waidner
Dr. Chris Waidner
Associate Professor of Chemistry

B.S., Wofford College
Ph.D., Georgetown University
(864) 597-4634