Dr. Hill and students

The Dual Degree Program

Students in the Dual Degree Program will spend three years at Wofford and then continue their studies at either Columbia University or Clemson University.  The program is usually completed with 3 years in a liberal arts curriculum at Wofford College and then ~2 years in an engineering curriculum at the partner institution.  Upon completion of the program students will receive a Bachelors degree from Wofford College and a Bachelors of Science in Engineering from the partner institutions.  The number of classes needed to complete the second degree at the engineering school will depend on the previous courses taken and the particular program chosen.

To receive the recommendation from the pre-engineering committee at Wofford, students must complete the following:
  1. All General Education Requirements of Wofford College
  2. All requirements for a major (some departments allow a course from the engineering school to fulfill the major requirements)
  3. All required courses for the Dual-Degree program

The courses required for the Dual-Degree program depend on the choice of partner institution.  Students are advised to consult the partner institution websites and talk with the Wofford liaison officer as soon as possible.
  1. Columbia University Combined Plan with links to Curriculum Guide  (2016-17 Curriculum Guide)
  2. Clemson University

An alternative curriculum plan is four years at Wofford followed by a Masters in Engineering program at an engineering school. Some schools such as Columbia University refer to this as a 4-2 Master of Science Program.  This is typically done by majoring in physics, chemistry, or math and then applying to the graduate school. There is no guaranteed admission to the engineering institution however students can apply to any engineering schools. Although, the guidelines listed above serve as a framework for this route students should consult with the pre-engineering advisor early to ensure proper course sequence.
Standard Curriculum for Preengineering Student Majoring in Physics
  Fall Spring
Freshman Year Physics 141
Math 181
Physics 142
Math 182
Sophomore Year Physics 211
Math 212
Chemistry 123
Physics 371L
Physics 221
Math 240
Chemistry 124
Physics 372L
Junior Year Physics 331
Computer Science

Physics Elective

Economics (201 or 202)

Physics 206
Physics Elective
Physics 311
Physics Elective