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Graduate School Information

Pharmacy Schools

Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT)

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Minimum GPA for acceptance: 2.7-3.6 (depends on school)

Recommendation Letters

Typically, you will need three letters of recommendation. One letter should be from a pharmacist, and the other two should be from your professors. You should develop good relationships with these people, and definitely keep them informed about your academic progress and extra-curricular activities on and off campus. Also, providing them with a resume when you request a letter is a good idea as well. Overall, if they really don’t know you, then they really can’t write you a good letter. Dr. Splawn can’t stress enough the importance of getting to know a pharmacist and your professors, or them really getting to know you.

Leadership and Community Service

Displaying leadership in a club, organization, athletic team, fraternity, or sorority is a plus in the application process, so don’t forget to mention it in your application. Volunteer work in the community does enhance your application as well. Visit the Bonner Scholars office in Old Main for opportunities to do community service.

Pharmacy School Interview

If you receive an invitation for an interview, you can expect a campus tour and a question and answer session, which is the official interview. Normally, current students and faculty from the pharmacy school will interview you. Obviously, your dress should be a men’s or women’s business suit, and you definitely should be prepared to answer the following question: Why do you want to be a pharmacist? Answering that you want to make a lot of money is not a good or intellectual answer. So, prepare for another answer.

Acceptance Ranking List

After you have completed your application and interviewed with some perspective pharmacy schools, a selection committee will determine your acceptance into their program. Below is a ranking (1-4) of the requirements for acceptance. A score of 4 is ranked as highest importance.

GPA = 4

PCAT and Interview = 3

Recommendation Letters and Internships = 2

Leadership and Community Service = 1