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    Preparation for the Christian Ministry has been one of Wofford College's effective tasks since it first opened its doors in 1854. The College offers a pre-ministerial mentoring and spiritual direction program that includes the theological exploration of call, leadership and service opportunities, and a guided discernment process.

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    Get basic degree and contact information about the professors in the department of Pre-Ministry.

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    Program Information

    Get a description of Wofford’s Pre-Ministry program. Information includes an overview of courses offered, any special tracks of study and unique opportunities open to students majoring in Pre-Ministry

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    Relg Dept
    Religion Department

    Visit the religion department to get an idea of the classes you’ll be taking as you follow a Pre-Ministry course of study.

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    Campus Ministry

    Visit the Campus Ministry site to learn more about what Campus Ministry does for students at Wofford.