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  • Dr. J. David AlvisDr. J. David Alvis, Associate Professor of Government
    B.A., M.A., University of Dallas
    Ph.D., Fordham University
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    Dr. David Alvis is an Associate Professor of Government at Wofford College. His areas of expertise include political theory, constitutional law, and American politics. Dr. Alvis has co-authored two books: The Contested Removal Power: 1787-2010 (University of Kansas Press 2013) and Statesmanship and Progressive Reform (Palgrave McMillan 2013). He has also written articles on Progressivism, the Presidency, the Electoral College, Michelangelo, and the films of John Ford. Currently, he is completing a book on the Election of 1912. His proudest achievement, however, was his nomination to the Pensacola Lust List in 2009 (see for yourself: http://www.inweekly.net/article.asp?artID=9482). Dr. Alvis lives in Spartanburg with his wife, Megan, and their five children: Patrick, Brigid, Brendan, Maeve, and Finbar.

      John K. FortJohn K. Fort, Associate Professor of Economics
      B.A., Wofford College
      J.D., Samford University
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      John K. Fort graduated from Wofford College in 1974 with a Bachelor’s degree in Government. Fort furthered his education at the Cumberland School of Law, Samford University, and received his Juris Doctorate in 1977. Since 1993, Dr. John Fort has worked as a Bankruptcy Trustee appointed by the United States Department of Justice, as well as an Adjunct Professor for Wofford College. As a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee he has conducted over 15,000 hearings, In 2002 he became a full time faculty member in the Economics Department, and has thus worked a total of 25 years for Wofford College. In 1995 Fort was appointed by the South Carolina Supreme Court to the inaugural panel of Bankruptcy Specialists to establish the standards for Bankruptcy specialization. He was nominated as a Master of the Bench for the inaugural class of the J. Bratton Inn of Court in 2018. Fort has been married for 45 years to Tricia Fort. In his free time he enjoys racing cars, spending time at the beach, and keeping company with his dogs, Morgan and Mikey. If not at the beach, he may likely be found readying for competition in the 24 Hours of Lemons.



      Dr. Dawn E. McQuistonDr. Dawn E. McQuiston, Associate Professor of Psychology
      B.S., Eastern New Mexico University
      M.A., Ph.D., University of Texas at El Paso
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      Dr. Dawn McQuiston is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the Law and Behavior Lab at Wofford College. Prior to joining Wofford in 2013, she spent ten years on the faculty at Arizona State University where she was a regular guest lecturer at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, a Research Associate with the Arizona Justice Project, and graduate program director in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Dr. McQuiston’s research involves the intersection of psychology and law, focusing on the reliability of eyewitness testimony, jurors’ evaluation of scientific evidence, and extra-legal factors in courtroom decision-making. She has published numerous scientific articles and regularly presents her work to both the scientific and legal communities, and her research has been funded by the National Institute of Justice. She also provides consultation and expert testimony in criminal cases involving disputed eyewitness evidence in both state and federal court. Dr. McQuiston is a native of the southwest and enjoys hiking, biking, veganism, reading food blogs, and traveling, all in the company her two dogs, Coco and Scout, and her blind cat, Jane.