The Founders: Mixson, Fogarty and Kroeg
The story of Pi Kappa Phi begins with three friends.


In 1904, 19-year old Andrew Alexander Kroeg Jr. was a senior at the College of Charleston in Charleston, S.C. He possessed a leadership talent that was exact and sure. His mind was on law school and was dedicated to his studies. He was recognized among his fellow students as "jolly, good natured, always having a good word for friend and stranger alike." He was a model gentleman with a thirst for success.


Simon Fogarty Jr., a 17-year-old junior, was the second of four sons of a Charleston grocer. He was an exceptional athlete, earning places on the school's baseball, basketball and football teams. He was regarded by fellow students as a warm friend, quick with a smile. Fogarty motivated with such intent and heart that people were quickly drawn to him.


Playing alongside Fogarty on all three College athletic teams was a 16-year-old sophomore and close childhood friend, Lawrence Harry Mixson. Indeed, some said the two were never seen apart. "Harry" was destined to work for his father's successful seed business in Charleston. It appeared that Mixson inherited his father's business sense as well, commonly known for his attention to detail and his setting of goals. He was also known for his fun-loving spirit, which often provided a needed relief from the intensity of daily college life.

The friendship shared between these three men would grow to become the foundation of Pi Kappa Phi.

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Zeta Chapter History 

The Zeta Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was founded on April 29, 1911 at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. The brothers of this chapter attempt to their fullest extent to uphold the ideals of the fraternity and, more importantly, of our Founding Fathers. For…

“We the proud men on Zeta Chapter, commit ourselves to the ideals of Pi Kappa Phi; the honor, integrity, and ultimate respect that it embodies; and swear unceasing loyalty to the fraternity.”

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