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  • Where do we go to Graduate School?

    Philosophy professor working with students in lab

    • Mississippi State University
    • Polk State College
    • Charlotte School of Law
    • Elon University
    • Savannah School of Art and Design
    • Vanderbilt University
    • University of Houston
    • Duke Divinity School
    • Wake Forest University

    Philosophy majors rank first among all majors in law school acceptance rate. Philosophy majors rank first among all majors in LSAT score:

    Major LSAT Score Compared to Average
    Philosophy 157.0 +4.7 pts
    Economics 156.2 +3.9 pts
    History 154.5 +2.2 pts
    English 153.5 +1.2 pts
    Psychology 151.7 -0.6 pts
    Political Science 151.5 -0.8 pts
    Accounting 151.5 -0.8 pts
    Sociology 149.4 -2.9 pts
    Communications 149.4 -2.9 pts
    Business Administration 148.2 -4.1 pts
    Criminal Justice 145.4 -6.9 pts

    The Law School Admission Council recommends that students prepare for Law School by developing analytic and problem-solving skills, critical reading, written and oral communication, and listening skills. Philosophy courses focus on developing these skills along with ethical and creative thinking.