1.  Go into the process with an open mind and good attitude. Discuss your feelings about a sorority or a certain event privately with your Gamma Chi.

The Rules of Respect are in place to protect your rights and your opinions. Be realistic about which sorority members you are most comfortable with.

Academics are very important to all chapters. The average GPA for sorority women is above a 3.0. Ask about study halls, test files, and tutoring within the group.

Don’t let the cost of a sorority affect your decision. Financial information will be given out during the first meeting. Many have payment plans and will be glad to work with you.

Take notes after parties so that you can go back and look at them later on.

Ask questions. This shows interest and you might find out things that interest you even more.

Look at each sorority as a whole. Do not judge a group based on one member.

Sorority members are just as nervous as you are. If you go to the wrong party by mistake or any conflicts occur, find a Gamma Chi and don’t let yourself get upset. The Gamma Chis’s are trained to fix almost any situation.

Recruitment is a mutual selection process-you are selecting a sorority, and they, as a group, are selecting you.

 Finally, be yourself and get plenty of sleep.