Formal Recruitment:

Open House:  Friday February 10th

 During open house each PNM will attend four 45 minute parties hosted by each one of our four sororities. This is a casual party which allows PNMs to interact with current members and answer basic questions about themselves as the sorority and the PNM learn more about one another.  

Attire: Casual-comfortable clothing such as jeans, cords, khaki pants with sweaters and blouses and comfortable shoes. 


Philanthropy/Sisterhood: Saturday February 11th 

 PNMs will have a chance to visit up to three of the sororities who have extended an invitation to them.  In each 45 minute party, the PNM will be given the opportunity to learn about the social events, philanthropy projects, membership fees, and scholarship programs of each chapter.  PNMs will further bond and form personal relationships with sorority members.  
Attire:  Dressy slacks outfit or weather appropriate casual dresses.


Preference: Sunday February 12th

The Preference party is the last of our three parties. PNMs will attend up to two parties that will last an hour each. At this party PNMs will learn what sisterhood means to the individual sorority members. PNMs will have a one-on-one visit with a member of the sorority that they have become close to throughout the recruitment process. Current members will express to the PNM what their sorority will offer and what the PNM can offer to the sorority.  

Attire: Dressy/Semiformal/Cocktail Dress


Bid Day: Monday February 13th

Bid Day is the most exciting day of the Recruitment process. PNMs will meet with members of the Panhellenic Recruitment Team and receive an invitation to membership and meet their chapter. The current members will shower the new member with hugs, cheers, and gifts. Now it is finally time to begin the exciting experience as a sorority woman at Wofford in a sisterhood that is life-long.  

Attire: Casual-Comfortable  pants. The sororities will provide new members with a sorority t-shirt after accepting a bid.