Guidelines for Potential New Members

1. Formal recruitment begins on Friday, September 25, 2009 and ends at 7:00pm on September 28, 2009.

2. A woman is eligible to participate in membership recruitment if she: is a regularly matriculated, fulltime student (taking 9 hours or more) at Wofford College; she has not been initiated into another NPC fraternity; and, she has not pledged membership to a NPC fraternity at Wofford College within the same calendar year (formal Recruitment 2008-formal Recruitment 2009).

3. Some women’s fraternities have a minimum grade point average requirement, but there is not Panhellenic Associaion GPA requirement for potential new members.

4. Formal recruitment fees are $55 when paid by September 15th.  Late fees must be paid by September 18th and are $65. 

5. Panhellenic Association member fraternities are responsible for obtaining recommendations/references on potential members.  Potential members are not responsible for initiating this process.

6. Potential New Members must attend the Recruitment Rules Session, Formal Recruitment Orientation, all Philanthropy Parties, and all other parties to which she accepts invitations. 
- In the event of illness, an official college activity or class whose scheduling conflicts with the function, or an emergency, potential members shall notify their Recruitment Counselor, who will notify Panhellenic Executive Council.
- If a Potential New Member does not attend ALL Recruitment events, she will automatically be withdrawn from the process.

7. Potential new members must consult with a recruitment counselor (Gamma Chi) before withdrawing from formal recruitment.  In the event a woman feels she must withdraw from formal recruitment, she shall go to the Panhellenic Office and sign an official withdrawal form.

8. In accordance with the limited social contact rules between sorority members and  potential new members:
- No sorority member may transport or offer transportation to a potential new member until Bid Day.
- No sorority member may give favors or gifts, tangible or intangible, to a potential new member from pre-season through Bid Day.  Materials distributed during Recruitment functions may not be taken out of the function. 
- No sorority member may invite a potential member anywhere or organize an activity where potential members are invited to an on- or off-campus location.  Invitations include, but are not limited to, printed matter that is distributed, phone calls, or casual conversation where a Panhellenic Association member invites a potential member to OR informs a potential member of an event where she and members of her sorority will be present.
- No sorority member, patron, social affiliate, alumna, new member, Recruitment Counselor, or Executive Board member may promise a bid to a potential new member, either directly or indirectly.  Likewise a potential member may not give a promise, verbal or written, to join a certain fraternity before bids are issued through Panhellenic.   
- Sorority members are not allowed to visit PNMs in their residence halls.
- Potential new members are not allowed to enter upperclassmen residence halls (with the exception of Carlisle-1st and 2nd Floors as these are the Residential Peer Mentoring floors) from pre-season until Bid Day. 

9. A potential member will complete a Membership Recruitment Acceptance Card immediately after the last formal recruitment event she attends.  Once the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Card has been signed, it cannot be changed, and the potential member is bound by the terms of that acceptance.

10. Strict Silence is the period in which there is no conversation or contact between Wofford College Sorority Members and potential members, Gamma Chis, or Panhellenic Executive Council.   Strict Silence is the period from the end of the potential member’s last formal recruitment event and the time she accepts an invitation to membership or withdraws from formal Recruitment.  (If a potential member resides with a Panhellenic Association member, the Panhellenic Association member will move out of the room on the evening of preference party.)

11. Gamma Chis will inform those not receiving bids or those who mismatched within the hour that bid matching is completed on Monday, September 28.

Other Information:
Facebook:  Freshmen are not allowed to be ‘friends’ with upperclassmen Greek women until after Bid Day.  Any freshman who already has upperclassmen Greek women as friends on Facebook should remove them until bids are distributed.

- Fraternity Row:  PNMs are not allowed to go to Fraternity Row during Formal Recruitment, from Friday, September 25-Sunday, September 27.

- Be sure to go into this process with an open mind, giving all four sororities a chance.