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FYI Student Staff Application 

First Name  
Last Name  
Preferred Name  
Residence Hall  
Cell Phone Number  
2014-2015 Academic Standing  
GPA: minimum GPA requirement is 2.5  
Transfer Student

Deadline for FYI Student Staff Application is March 19, 2014.  

When you come for your interview, please bring a picture of yourself (for us to keep) that depicts YOU. 
What personal characteristics do you possess that would enhance the success of the first year programming for new students?
During your first semester or with The Space, you completed an online program called Strengths Quest. Please list your top 5 strengths and comment on the validity in your daily life.
Please list the campus and community organizations in which you are active and/or employed.
What has been your motivation to apply to be on staff?
What was your least favorite part about your orientation experience and why?
What was your favorite part about your orientation experience and why?
Please list two faculty or staff members that can be contacted to serve as references:
Please list any violations you have had against The Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, Residence Life Contract or The Honor Code.

Orientation Interview Times
Interviews will be held in the Shipp Hall Lounge.

By electronically signing this form, I acknowledge that the information contained in this application is factual and is a realistic assessment of my abilities. I will notify the Student Affairs Staff or Dean Wallace if any of the information I have provided changes. Because I recognize that being on Orientation Staff carries both privileges and responsibilities, I give permission to the Student Affairs Staff or Dean Wallace to obtain information about my academic status. This information will be used for the sole purpose of determining my eligibility for a position on the 2014 FYI Student Staff.