Dr. Hill and students
SC college students go to Charlotte to learn U.S. politics firsthand

Published September 3, 2012

Monday, young Democratic leaders from around the country gathered to wrap up a long weekend of pre-convention youth-oriented events

Eleven South Carolina colleges and universities spent the weekend watching the convention process firsthand as guests of Winthrop University in nearby Rock Hill.

Dr. Karen Kedrowski, the head of Winthrop’s political science department, says the school was lucky to be able to be a part of the DNC experience.

“It’s kind of like winning the lottery and the Super Bowl at the same time. Winthrop has just been so fortunate this year,” says Kedrowski. “The amount of excitement that we’ve had on our campus has been absolutely palatable.”

Winthrop University Student Body president Kimbrell Garvin says he was glad to hear from the array of SC delegates.

“Delegates were on-site today and we’ve talked about how they became involved in politics. How they became delegates at the convention. So, it’s a great opportunity to really see why they love politics and why they’re involved in politics,” he said.

Wofford College Student Body President Ron Norman, a finance major, says the energy is high in Charlotte with everyone getting behind President Obama for re-election.

“This is definitely an opportunity for fellow like-minded people to get together and work toward a cause,” says Norman.

Winthrop students get to stay for the big finale of the convention, which will be at Bank of America Stadium for Obama’s speech on Thursday.