Students studying outside the library
Dr. John Farrenkopf

Associate Professor of Government, Wofford College 
Dr. John Farrenkopf joined Wofford College in 2006 as Associate Professor of Government. Dr. Farrenkopf earned his BA degree in History from Trinity College, his MA in Government and International Relations from Georgetown University, and his PhD from the University of Virginia in Foreign Affairs with an emphasis in international politics. His dissertation on Oswald Spengler’s Philosophy of World History and International Politics has become widely cited and is frequently referenced in his field and has placed Dr. Farrenkopf at the forefront of 21st century scholars on Spengler and his work. Dr. Farrenkopf has been awarded three Fulbright appointments overseas along with a myriad of other professional honors and recognitions.

Dr. Farrenkopf is a dedicated and passionate teacher, advisor, and mentor to students and personifies the essence of teaching at a liberal arts college. With a reputation for rigor and high demands, he is meticulous in his presentation and tireless in his work with students in all facets of their classroom experience. Such effort garners high praise from students and colleagues alike with students frequently using terms such as inspiring, brilliant, and engaging in describing him in course evaluations.

Wofford College President Dr. Benjamin Dunlap says, “Dr. Farrenkopf has quickly established himself as a genuine master teacher. His record of academic accomplishment is outstanding and his classroom instruction is superior. John consistently receives excellent ratings and flattering comments from students enrolled in his government and international relations courses.” Senior Vice President and Dean of the College Dr. David Wood states that “John Farrenkopf is extraordinarily gifted, exquisitely educated and well recognized in his discipline throughout the world. He is remarkably committed to the education of our young in the liberal arts setting. John possesses the special combination of skills, intellect, and commitment that so often characterizes the outstanding teacher. It comes as no surprise to us that he is admired and loved by students and colleagues alike.”