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Wofford's number ONE


SPARTANBURG, S.C. -- For its efforts toward awareness of global poverty and disease, Wofford has been named the top ONE campus for 2008-2009, edging out the University of Michigan and the University of Florida. Spearheaded by Tomas Moreno, ONE-Wofford employed every available resource, turning its comparatively small student body size into an advantage.

President Benjamin B. Dunlap says, "The entire Wofford community takes enormous pride in the efforts of the students involved in ONE at Wofford to make us number one among all colleges and universities in the nation. They tried, and they succeeded."

Moreno, vice president Sarah Moore, secretary Jessica Grantham, and treasurer Christine Shelton put together a project called "ONE Week to Change the World." It included teaching about ONE's issues in 29 classes across more than 10 majors, a rally and trivia night, an art contest, a film screening, outreach to sports teams, an interfaith ONE Sabbath, a panel discussion on trade and microcredit, partnerships with several other campus groups, fundraising for three charities and advocacy work on two different pieces of legislation.

The judging panel was impressed with ONE at Wofford's balance of activities, their focus on laying a strong foundation for ONE Campus Challenge's future on their campus, and their inclusion of ONE's core issues in a highly relevant way. The Wofford team's ability to think "outside the box" in terms of overcoming their obstacles and reaching out to a variety of groups also made their project stand out.

Recognizing they might not be able to net as many petition signatures as a larger school, ONE-Wofford ran TWO advocacy initiatives, around both the Global Food Security Act and the Foreign Assistance Act. By running two petitions, the Wofford OCC chapter effectively doubled its impact, and brought in nearly 400 signatures on each petition.

ONE at Wofford further magnified their potential to change the world by joining forces with other campus organizations, departments, and official ONE partners. They worked with their biology department to help run an ice cream promotion for their "Sons of Lwala" film screening. They tapped their sports marketing team to help promote ONE at several sporting events. They collaborated with Amnesty International to put on a showing of "The Vagina Monologues" with a focus on women in the developing world, and with Oxfam America to include ONE issues in their Capitol Hill Lobby Day. And they reached out to students of the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist faiths with a ONE Sabbath event demonstrating the importance of giving regardless of faith background.

In short, ONE at Wofford employed every available resource, turned their small student body size into an advantage, had both breadth and depth to their events, and created partnerships and momentum that will keep ONE's message alive at Wofford long after the current students have graduated.