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Fall 08 Dean's List announced


SPARTANBURG, SC - Dr. David S. Wood, dean of Wofford College, has announced that 326 were named to the Dean's List for the Fall 2008 semester.


Afkinich, Jenny Lee of Rock Hill, S.C.
Ahmed, Syeda Amna of Shelby, N.C.
Albergotti, Claudia Brownlee of Anderson, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Alimohamed, Mazahir Lukman of Spartanburg, S.C.
Allen, Josiah Michael of Concord, N.C. (4.0 GPA)
Allen, Mitchell Charles of Cincinnati, Ohio (4.0 GPA)
Arce, Paolo Miguel of Moore, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Ariail, Caroline Merritt of Clarkesville, Ga.
Arsenault, Matthew Lee of Spartanburg, S.C.
Assemany, Sarah Ashley of Chapin, S.C.
Babb, David Paul of Bishopville, S.C.
Baker, Caitlin Elizabeth of Simpsonville, S.C.
Bandara, Nimalka Achini of Lexington, S.C.
Barnette, Benjamin Will of Lyman, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Barr, Pari Nicole of Greenville, S.C.
Baylis, Shelby Paul of Charleston, S.C.
Beaver, Zachary William of Rock Hill, S.C.
Beavers, Troy Christopher of Spartanburg, S.C.
Behrendt, Kyle Wayne of Greenwood, S.C.
Berard, Theresa Ellen of Charleston, S.C.
Blaz, Elizabeth Margaret of Grayslake, Ill.
Blumenthal, Alexandra Marie of Birmingham, Ala.
Bonfim, Paulo Henrique Esteves of Sao Paolo, Brazil (4.0 GPA)
Boorman, Tracy Bruce of Charlotte, N.C.
Borders, Samantha Allison of Saint Simons Island, Ga.
Boudet, Leia Ruth of Columbia, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Boyd, Travis Guthrie of Louisville, Ky.
Boykin, Michelle Lee of Columbia, S.C.
Boyle, Mary Nammack of Campobello, S.C.
Brandt, William Benjamin of Raleigh, N.C.
Braswell, Paul Tate of Irmo, S.C.
Bridges, Bailey Elizabeth of Gaffney, S.C.
Bridges, Marshall McCown of Florence, S.C.
Bryan, Thomas DuBose of Columbia, S.C.
Bryant, Stephen Russell of Clinton, S.C.
Bumgardner, John Sherrod of Lexington, S.C.
Bunch, Linda Lauren of Columbia, S.C.
Burdette, Caroline Capshaw of Greenville, S.C.
Calcina, Meredith Ann of West Columbia, S.C.
Campbell, John Marion of Greenville, S.C.
Campbell, Katherine Hester of Westminster, S.C.
Campbell, Katherine Scott of Lawrenceville, N.J.
Carr, Ashley Victoria of Dillon, S.C.
Carson, McKenzie of Collierville, Tenn.
Carter, Rebecca Eleanor of Charleston, S.C.
Cash, Jordan Elizabeth of Columbia, S.C.
Catalana, Sarah Marie of Greer, S.C.
Chalmers, Amy Madeline of Spartanburg, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Chasteen, Brandon Scott of Honea Path, S.C.
Chaudhary, Omad Farooq of Charlotte, N.C.
Choe, Frances Eugyoung of Rock Hill, S.C.
Coggins, Jennifer Lane of Spartanburg, S.C.
Coker, Brittany Darlene of Buffalo, S.C.
Collins, Barbara Elizabeth of Pittsfield, Mass.
Collins, Katherine Rosa of Saint Matthews, S.C.
Cook, Justin David of Greenville, S.C.
Corella, John Joseph of Summerville, S.C.
Corn, Kayla DeeAnne of Greer, S.C.
Cotter, Caroline Reeves of Columbia, S.C.
Cozzarelli, Lauren Christine of Apex, N.C.
Crosby, Catherine Tippins of New Orleans, La.
Cutler, Caroline Bayard of Charleston, S.C.
D'Alessandro, Virginia Providence of Vestavia Hills, Ala.
Dalton, Christopher Ryan of Spartanburg, S.C.
Dassel, Mary Frances of Roebuck, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Dautovic, Aldina of Greenwood, S.C.
Davis, Kristen Taylor of Columbia, S.C.
De la Vega, Richard William of Gastonia, N.C.
DeBerry, Martha Anne Richardson of Florence, S.C.
DeLoache, William Thomas of Charlotte, N.C.
DeYoung, Kristen Nicole of Chapin, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Dengler, Emily Kay of Johnson City, Tenn. (4.0 GPA)
Diamaduros, Konstantine Peter of Spartanburg, S.C.
Digby, Andrew Harrison of Grayson, Ga.
Diven, Marshall Andrew of Hartsville, S.C.
Dowd, Jessica Lynn of Gaston, S.C.
Dowell, Chelsea Taylor of Fisherville, Ky.
DuBose, George Dial of Easley, S.C.
DuBose, John Lesley of Easley, S.C.
Dukes, Kristina Leigh of Blythewood, S.C.
Dunn, Caleb Ramsey of Anderson, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Duvall, Beverly Hammond of Greer, S.C.
Eadie, Keri Alexandra of Spartanburg, S.C.
Ellison, Shay Matthew of Lake City, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Escoe, Anna Frances of Toccoa, Ga.
Felder, Madison Joshua of Orangeburg, S.C.
Fester, Joshua Reece of Bluffton, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Filina, Yekaterina Aleksandrovna of Landrum, S.C.
Finley, Jennifer Leonora of Laurens, S.C.
Fitch, Austin Michael of Lexington, Ky. (4.0 GPA)
Fogle, Sydney Elizabeth of Aiken, S.C.
Fore, Dustin Gregory of Moore, S.C.
Fornadel, Joseph Edward of Pittsburgh, Pa.
Foster, Megan Lee of Greenville, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Fowler, Magen Michele of Union, S.C.
Fox, Meredith Paige of Gray, Tenn.
Gayle, Amelia Bryant of Greenville, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Gelbaugh, Corey Mitchell of Carlisle, Pa. (4.0 GPA)
Gerwig, Christopher Andrew of Florence, S.C.
Getz, Brittney Rose of Louisville, Ky.
Gilliland, Mary Caitlyn of Gray, Tenn.
Girard, Nicole Christine of Fountain Inn, S.C.
Glenn, George Russell of Moore, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Godzinski, Corey Andrew of Clermont, Fla.
Goodan, Abigail Ann of Louisville, Ky.
Goodbar, Blake Bishop of Rock Hill, S.C.
Grant, Brianna Nachelle of Lugoff, S.C.
Green, Amber Danielle of Union, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Green, Blair Marie of Dallas, Texas
Greene, Jonathan Alexander of Marietta, Ga.
Gresham, Austin Thomas of Greenwood, S.C.
Griffin, Cori Rae of North Augusta, S.C.
Griffin, Jeffrey Motte of Mount Pleasant, S.C.
Griffin, Monroe Patrick of Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Grigg, Brandon Wilson of Chesnee, S.C.
Guffy, Alan William of Camden, S.C.
Gupta, Manan of Spartanburg, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Gustafson, Anna Lynn of Salem, Va.
Hall, Daniel Wesley of Easley, S.C.
Hall, Kathryn Frances of Greenville, S.C.
Hamm, Adrienne Jeana Sandifer of Prosperity, S.C.
Hammill, William Gordon of Charlottesville, Va.
Harbour, Patrick Wayne of Sumter, S.C.
Harmon-Poston, Ashley Michelle of Newberry, S.C.
Harris, Robert Joseph of Lexington, S.C.
Hauer, Elisabeth Ann of Gastonia, N.C.
Heiser, Rebecca Lynn of Pelzer, S.C.
Hendricks, Katherine Olivia of Anderson, S.C.
Henerey, William Jacob of Duncan, S.C.
Hillsman, David Michael of Durham, N.C.
Hodinka, Tyler Louis of Springfield, Pa. (4.0 GPA)
Holland, Lauren Anna of Columbia, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Hollowell, Leland Covington of Spartanburg, S.C.
Holmes, Allison Brooke of Spartanburg, S.C.
Hray, Thomas Peyton of Spartanburg, S.C.
Hunt, Quinn Douglas of Aiken, S.C.
Hunter, Justin James of Columbia, S.C.
Hyatt, Leah Paige of Greer, S.C.
James, Abigail Elizabeth of Charlotte, N.C.
Jamison, Lauren Susanne of Simpsonville, S.C.
Jarvis, Amanda Caroline of Mount Pleasant, S.C.
Johnson, Emily Elizabeth of Columbia, S.C.
Johnson, Sara Diane of Port Royal, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Johnson, Sarah Katherine of Florence, S.C.
Jolly, Bethany Meaghan of Washington, D.C.
Jones, Julie Krista of Columbia, S.C.
Jordan, Ashton Leigh of West Columbia, S.C.
Keckeisen, Matthew Jay of Columbia, S.C.
Kenyon, Katharine Anna of Raleigh, N.C.
Kepes, Victoria Therese of Aiken, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Khalil, Sara Nabil of Dillon, S.C.
King, Allyson Elizabeth of Elgin, S.C.
King, Katherine Anne of Elon, N.C. (4.0 GPA)
Knight, Charlotte Covington of Spartanburg, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Kordsmeier, Matthew Wayne of Alpharetta, Ga.
Kountz, Judith Kristin of Greenville, S.C.
Laffitte, Mary Loyal of Beaufort, S.C.
Lambert, Elizabeth Eugenia of Orange City, Fla.
Lambert, Elizabeth Helen of Spartanburg, S.C.
Lane, Jamie Rebecca of Point Clear, Ala.
Lane, William Matthew of Carlisle, Pa. (4.0 GPA)
Lanham, Kyle David of Columbia, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Lankford, Meagan Amanda of Perryville, Ky. (4.0 GPA)
Lash, Alex Vincent of Simpsonville, S.C.
Lawrence, Ashley Erin of Marietta, Ga. (4.0 GPA)
Lee, Jessica Lorraine of Aiken, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Lewis, Virginia Carlton of Savannah, Ga.
Littleton, Harley Ann of Spartanburg, S.C.
Loesing, Bradley Alexander of Cincinnati, Ohio
Long, Philip Benjamin of Mobile, Ala.
Luthra, Raina Nicole of Simpsonville, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Macaulay, Laura Jean of West Columbia, S.C.
Mackey, Daniel Strickler of Chambersburg, Pa.
Maker, Patterson Ingle of Charlotte, N.C.
Mancill, Ashley Lynn of Spanish Fort, Ala.
Maroney, Kevin Desmond of Bethesda, Md.
Martens, Emily Arnold of Fairfield, Conn.
McAbee, Joseph Hiram of Woodruff, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
McClimon, Timothy Howard of Taylors, S.C.
McCrory, Mary Nicholson of Charlotte, N.C.
McCubrey, Alexandra Claire of Marietta, Ga. (4.0 GPA)
McCubrey, Everett James of Marietta, Ga.
McGinnis, Molly Rae of Sumter, S.C.
McKenzie, Michael Ian of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
McLaughlin, Michelle Marie of Lincoln, Neb.
McLellan, Adrian Rashad of Dillon, S.C.
Meier, Heather Elizabeth of Greer, S.C.
Memmott, Corey Allen of Spartanburg, S.C.
Mendez, Nicole Melissa of Summerville, S.C.
Miller, Ethan Koppang of Charlotte, N.C.
Miller, Jessica Cecile of Spartanburg, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Mills, James Casper of Anderson, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Modlin, Hayes Eugene of Hickory, N.C.
Moore, Alexandra Ruth of Knoxville, Tenn.
Moore, Chelsey Lauren of Anderson, S.C.
Moore, Sarah Patricia of Greer, S.C.
Morgan, Chelsea Leigh of Georgetown, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Morris, Lisa Leyla of Lexington, S.C.
Moss, Anne Cameron of Columbia, S.C.
Motiwala, Tahirali Hatim of Spartanburg, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Muthig, Travis Michael of Columbia, S.C.
Nation, Hanna Brooks of Georgetown, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Needham, Bethany Kate of Granville, Ohio
Newman, Sarah Hannah of Camden, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Nguyen, Sean Huu of Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Nichols, Jamie Leigh of Charlottesville, Va.
Nichols, Summer Denise of Lancaster, S.C.
Nill, Chelsea Alexandra of Little River, S.C.
Nimmich, Matthew Charles of Sumter, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Noordsy, Peter Andrew of Glens Falls, N.Y.
O'Brien, Margaret Casey of Macon, Ga.
O'Brien, Mary Catherine of Macon, Ga. (4.0 GPA)
O'Neal, Richard Lee of Rock Hill, S.C.
O'Quinn, Jason Perry of Columbia, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Oliva, Justina Marie of Easley, S.C.
Oliver, Velma Maria of Jonesville, S.C.
Osborne, Victoria Lynn of Charleston, S.C.
Owen, Brent Rollow of Carrollton, Texas (4.0 GPA)
Oxley, Jessica Brewster of Arlington, Va.
Palmer, Richard Austin of Gainesville, Ga.
Parrish, Andrew Rhys of Rutherfordton, N.C.
Patterson, Anne Griffin of Orangeburg, S.C.
Patterson, Laura Callaway of Orangeburg, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Pavy, Caslin Ann of Timmonsville, S.C.
Perez, Samantha Alexa of Summerville, S.C.
Phillips, Ryan Alexander of Camden, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Pittman, Thomas Faran of Cayce, S.C.
Ploetzke, Monica Anne of Clarks Hill, S.C.
Poole, Allison Nicole of Spartanburg, S.C.
Powell, Thomas Clark of Birmingham, Ala.
Powers, Amy Christina of Spartanburg, S.C.
Price, Ashlee Ann of Columbia, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Propst, Sarah Elizabeth of Pinopolis, S.C.
Prosser, William LeRoy of Johnsonville, S.C.
Purcell, Hannah Lea of Edgefield, S.C.
Quedenfeld, Harry Bernard of North Charleston, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Quick, Benjamin Adam of Athens, W.Va.
Radke, Lyn Alison of Woodruff, S.C.
Rankin, Isaac Deter of Mount Holly, N.C. (4.0 GPA)
Rapport, Hannah Frea of Columbia, S.C.
Rawl, Jordan Whitney of Columbia, S.C.
Raymer, Catherine Adams of Statesville, N.C.
Rea, Mary Alexander of Catawba, S.C.
Redding, Nathan Wayne of Taylors, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Regan, Virginia Ruth of Charleston, S.C.
Rekers, Danielle Elizabeth of Spartanburg, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Render, William Rowan of Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Rice, Kelsey Michael of Belton, S.C.
Riley, Hilary Grace of Columbia, S.C.
Rivers, Carolyn Sophia of Pickens, S.C.
Roney, David Winston of Scottsdale, Ariz.
Roulhac, Michael Anthony of Spring, Texa (4.0 GPA)
Rumler, Annie Laurie of West Columbia, S.C.
Ruscin, Amanda Christine of Valrico, Fla. (4.0 GPA)
Rush, Benjamin Woodress of Spartanburg, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Rush, Kelli Michelle of Columbia, S.C.
Russell, Randolph Baxter of Winder, Ga.
Salehani, Arsalaan Amin Mohammad of Moore, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Sanders, Stacy Ann of Barnwell, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Sanders, Whitney Eugene of Spartanburg, S.C.
Schecter, Michael Hugh of Rome, Ga.
Schuermann, Nicklaus James of Fort Mill, S.C.
Scoggins, Jacob Christopher of Spartanburg, S.C.
Seabrook, Richardson Gaillard of Columbia, S.C.
Shannon, Tierney Anne of Aiken, S.C.
Sheets, Elizabeth Anne of Tega Cay, S.C.
Shelton, Helen Christine of Irmo, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Shropshire, Chelsea Shondelle of Parrottsville, Tenn.
Shumaker, Joshua Timothy of Bristol, Tenn.
Simmons, Cameron Byrne of Jeanerette, La.
Skeate, Kelby Thomas of Banner Elk, N.C.
Skinner, James Cecil of Raleigh, N.C.
Smith, Brian Richard of Perry, Ohio
Smith, Clay Edward of Greenville, S.C.
Smith, Hunter Alexander of St. George, S.C.
Smith, John Darby of Boiling Springs, S.C.
Smith, Nathaniel Jay of Alpharetta, Ga.
Smith, Wilfred Alexander of Isle Of Palms, S.C.
Spencer, Phillip Grayson of Anderson, S.C.
Steelman, Matthew Todd of Clemson, S.C.
Streisel, Robert Thomas of Mount Pleasant, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Strickland, Kristin Elizabeth of Bluffton, S.C.
Stukes, Taylor Mizell of Florence, S.C.
Swain, Tyler Bateman of Spartanburg, S.C.
Tapp, Elizabeth Pearce of Durham, N.C.
Tate, Ashley Elizabeth of Boiling Springs, S.C.
Taunton, Bobby Lee of Pike Road, Ala.
Teal, Kathryn Grace of Loris, S.C.
Thie, Douglas Bradley of Newton, N.C. (4.0 GPA)
Thiessen, Jennifer Erin of Clover, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Tillotson, Alex Myles of Spartanburg, S.C.
Tindall, James Wilson of Asheville, N.C.
Tolbert, Allison Kate of Greenwood, S.C.
Tolbert, Jonathan Doak of Greenwood, S.C.
Traywick, Vordman Carlisle of Columbia, S.C.
Tria, Ceasar Jesus Ravago of Daniel Island, S.C.
Troxell, Brent Daniel of Boiling Springs, S.C.
Turn, Kelly Corrigan of North Charleston, S.C.
Turner, Stacey Leigh of Fort Mill, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Utsey, Robert Lee of Orangeburg, S.C.
Van Der Linden, Cody Steven of Carlsbad, Ca.
Vaughn, Jevan Michael of Kershaw, S.C.
Vecchione, Paul Marc of Bluffton, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Vess, Lawrence Andrew of Stone Mountain, Ga.
Vickers, Jennifer Nicole of Trenton, S.C.
Waddell, Jaclyn Blair of Chattanooga, Tenn.
Walsh, Benjamin Thomas of Columbus, Ga.
Walsh, Caitlin Elizabeth of Moore, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Ware, Nikko Rashun of Spartanburg, S.C.
Warren, Elbert Graham of Charleston, W.Va.
Watford, Sean Mackey of Lancaster, S.C.
Webb, Edward Austin of Chapel Hill, N.C. (4.0 GPA)
Weimar, Mary Katherine of Baton Rouge, La.
Werrell, Jane Gresham of Charleston, S.C.
White, Aleah Irene of Stapleton, Ala.
White, Jenna Denise of Union, S.C.
Whitehead, Kirk Andrew of Marietta, Ga. (4.0 GPA)
Wilmoth, Benjamin James of Arlington, Texas
Wilson, Concetta Caroline of Hampton, Va.
Wise, Blakely Angela of Marion, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Witt, Thomas Michael of Florence, S.C.
Woller, Nicole Jean of Columbia, S.C.
Wood, Jason McDuffy of Spartanburg, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Worley, Mitchell Lee of Easley, S.C. (4.0 GPA)
Zehr, Lindsey Carter of Inman, S.C.
Zweier, William Joseph of Charlotte, N.C.