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President Dunlap reacts to death of Milliken


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Dr. Benjamin B. Dunlap, president of Wofford College, issued the following statement regarding the death of Roger Milliken:

"How many others must feel as I do that we've lost a friend whose contagious delight in learning new things and solving old problems made us all feel more alive. He was an extraordinary friend to Wofford College--more than fifty years on its Board, he transformed every square inch of the campus and many of us who worked there as well. That he prized both quality and efficiency is widely known, but I think he loved creativity even more. If he regretted anything, it was probably that he hadn't been trained as an architect--though it was clear to anyone who ever assisted him on a project that, like Frederick the Great, he truly was one. If there was a gap in what he knew about himself, I think it stemmed from the fact that he was so avid a learner that he never fully realized how great a teacher he'd become. For myself, I'm sorry I never made it clear that, though he prompted reverence, awe, and gratitude in everyone he met, there were many like me who also felt a deep affection. . . and many more who, but for his tutelage might never have rejoiced in early-morning sunlight gilding a noble tree."

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