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2011 Honors Day award recipients

Chaser, smart border collie

Wofford College has had the Boston Terrier as its mascot for many years. It turns out, however, the smartest dog on campus is Chaser, a border collie, who is fast gaining scientific attention for her ability to comprehend the names of more than 1,000 objects.

Even more critical, according to the two Wofford College researchers who work with Chaser, she was able to differentiate between the names of objects (nouns), commands to fetch them and capable of forming categories (common nouns) based on these objects.

One smart dog has science's attention  

/uploadedImages/newsroom/newsImagesPhotos/Chaser_Images/Chaser_1_-_Chris_Bott.jpg /uploadedImages/newsroom/newsImagesPhotos/Chaser_Images/Chaser_3_-_Chris_Bott.jpg /uploadedImages/newsroom/newsImagesPhotos/Chaser_Images/Chaser_8_-_Chris_Bott.jpg
Credit: Chris Bott  Credit: Chris Bott Credit: Chris Bott
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Credit: Chris Bott Credit: Chris Bott Credit: Chris Bott
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Credit: Mark Olencki Credit: Mark Olencki Credit: Mark Olencki
/uploadedImages/newsroom/newsImagesPhotos/Chaser_Images/Chaser as a pup - Robin Pilley.jpg /uploadedImages/newsroom/newsImagesPhotos/Chaser_Images/Chaser with her 1022 toys.JPG /uploadedImages/newsroom/newsImagesPhotos/Chaser_Images/ChaserFace_Robin Pilley.jpg
Credit: Robin Pilley Credit: Robin Pilley Credit: Robin Pilley