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Wofford included in Forbes ‘Coolest Campus Tech’ article

January 20, 2006

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Wofford College’s efforts to provide cutting-edge technical services to its students are highlighted in new article on Forbes magazine’s Web site ( on “Coolest Campus Tech.” The article is part of a package on “America’s Most Connected Campuses.”

The article, written by Rachel Rosmarin and published today (Jan. 20, 2006), features Wofford’s FYI: First Year Interface Web site and an interview with first-year student Valerie Douglas of Lyman, S.C. The FYI site, which debuted in the fall of 2005, is an area where incoming students can post their profiles, photographs and other information and make connections with each other through message boards and e-mails. They also may contact members of the Student Life staff with questions about what to expect when preparing to come to Wofford. The student profiles are searchable for similar interests, geographic areas and other information. Some students, including Douglas, were able to make friends and find roommates using the FYI site.

In the article, Rosmarin writes:

“For Valerie Douglas, an 18-year-old freshman at Wofford College in Spartanburg, S.C., the Internet helped her get settled before she ever set foot on campus. It found her a roommate and friend.

“Before the term began in fall 2005, the school gave incoming freshmen the chance to meet and greet via a MySpace-style site called FYI (First Year Interface). After sharing profiles, photos, bedtimes and partying habits on the site, Wofford let students who hit it off become roommates.

“I had heard so many scary stories about bad roommates,” says Douglas. “Luckily, I found myself a great one through the site. It was extremely important to me to have a say in it.” Feeling comfortable with the roommate situation is also a great way to minimize the stress that comes with moving away from home, notes Douglas.

“But social networking tools are only the beginning of the efforts schools are making to harness their students’ willingness to live an always-connected lifestyle. Cutting-edge tech services are a big draw in an increasingly competitive market for the best and brightest students.”

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