Dr. Hill and students

Community of Scholars research results in Museum of Art exhibit

September 12, 2006

SPARTANBURG, SC - Wofford student Katherine Aul and Karen Goodchild, associate professor of art history, were featured in a Sept. 8, 2006, article in the Spartanburg Herald-Journal about artist and architect James Frank Collins.  Their research as part of the college's Community of Scholars program led to an exhibit of Collins' works at the Spartanburg County Museum of Art (through Oct. 22).

Writer Dudley Brown wrote:

James Frank Collins was a man with many interests. He was an architect, a painter and a hunter; he made ceramics, worked with wood, played in an orchestra and was involved in a variety of civic organizations in Spartanburg.

The architecture and art of Collins, known as "J. Frank" by his friends, is on display at the Spartanburg County Museum of Art through Oct. 22. The collection ranges from blueprints to watercolor paintings to a bust of his daughter.

"His mastery of so many media is impressive," said Katherine Aul, a Wofford College student.

Aul and Karen Goodchild, an associate professor of art history at Wofford College, researched Collins for the exhibit as part of the college's Community of Scholars program.

Collins designed houses, schools, churches, hospitals, businesses and athletics facilities, including Duncan Park Stadium.

Goodchild describes Collins' artwork and architecture as formal and restrained; she said he stuck to classical approaches while many Modernist methods were gaining popularity.

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