Professor giving a lecture to students in old main

Commencement 2013

Wofford College conducted its 159th Commencement Exercises on Sunday, May 19, 2013, conferring degrees to 370 graduates. Two honorary degrees also were presented.

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W. Hayne Hipp
Honorary Degree Recipient
President Benjamin B. Dunlap
Honorary Degree Recipient
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Dr. G. Mackey Salley
Roger Milliken Award
For Excellence in the
Teaching of Science
Andrew F. Green
Philip Covington Award
For Excellence in the
Teaching of Humanities
And Social Sciences
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Donna Culbertson Fritz, Mary Mildred Sullivan Award
Dr. Charles Bagwell, Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award
Taylor McGuire Thomas, Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award
Mary Grace Wallace, Mary Milldred Sullivan Award
President Banjamin B. Dunlap gives his Commencement address
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A graduate celebrates in the fountain

Class of 2013 walks through the gates and into the world

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Grads with the Terrier Honor graduates Rachel Woodlee and Sharon Guffy (not pictured, John David Cooper)
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Retirees Jim Proctor, Dave Whistnant and Betsy Cox   Admiring their diplomas