Students studying outside the library

Spartanburg, S.C.– Wofford Theatre will present its production of Christopher Durang’s play “Betty’s Summer Vacation” beginning Wednesday, Nov. 15, in the Tony White Theater in The Raines Center.


The play will run nightly through Saturday, Nov. 18. Performances are at 9 p.m.


“The theme of the play is, basically, the ‘tabloid-ization’ of American culture – how in the 90s in particular, human nature’s interest in horror and gossip combined with television’s need to hook viewers, and the result was we all fell into the habit of looking at human tragedy and disgusting behavior as a fascinating kind of ‘mini-series’ for our delectation,” says the play’s creator, Christopher Durang.


“The play is a raucous and potentially shocking comedy,” says Dr. Mark Ferguson, assistant professor and director of Wofford Theatre. The play is intended for mature audiences.


The cast includes first-year students Bethany Needham (Betty), Julie Swerdlow (Trudy), Jeremy Peters (Buck), Zach Kuthe (Keith), Kathleen Hearn (Voice 2) and Michael Meredith (Mr. Vanislaw/Voice 1); junior Tory Macomson (Mrs. Seizmagraff); and senior Kevin Eakes (Voice 3).


The crew includes Wofford alumna Elise Sanders (director), senior Rebecca Koger (assistant director), and sophomore Lane Eisenburg (stage manager).

Tickets for the play production are $5 for students and $10 for adults; admission is free for local college students with ID. Please call (864) 597-4080 for reservations.