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Update: Wofford preparations for Hurricane Irma

College continues monitoring storm's progress

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Friday, Sept. 8, 2017

As we continue to monitor the track of Hurricane Irma and the potential impact on the Upstate and Wofford’s campus, we are providing the following information regarding preparations and campus operations.

If the Upstate remains in the hurricane’s track or cone area, there is potential for heavy rain, with flooding of roadways and low-lying areas; high winds, with gusts of 40 to 60 mph or higher; and tornadoes.

Again, we urge all students, faculty and staff to be sure your Rave Mobile Alert information is updated, including adding your cell phone numbers into your accounts. All members of the campus community already are registered in Rave with Wofford email accounts. To update your account, go to myWofford and click on the Rave icon; this will take you to your account on Rave and you will be able to edit your contact information. You can have two email addresses (including your Wofford email) and two cell phone numbers in your account; students may wish to add their parents’ numbers, but that is optional. All Wofford staff with Wofford-issued cell phones MUST register those in Rave. If you experience problems with your account, contact Laura Corbin at, 864-597-4180 or 864-809-8963. CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT TODAY to ensure your information is up to date.

We also urge you to review the campus tornado warning procedures at, paying special attention to your shelter-in-place locations.

If the National Weather Service issues a tornado WARNING, Wofford will activate a Rave alert, sending emails and text messages to all registered Rave users; all Wofford students, faculty and staff will receive emails via their Wofford email addresses. Again, update your accounts with your cell phone numbers.

During these storms:
• Be watchful of flooding on and off campus. We urge everyone to use extreme caution when driving in these conditions. Do not drive through flooded streets; moving water can be very powerful and easily could carry vehicles away and/or flood them quickly. While Wofford is on fairly high ground, there are areas on campus that could flood, and city streets surrounding campus that could cause major problems; especially avoid the Cleveland Street/Pine Street area during heavy rains because of major flooding issues.
• Soaking rains and heavy winds may impact Wofford’s trees. Be aware of the potential of large trees being uprooted and heavy branches from our trees being damaged or falling on buildings, sidewalks and roadways on campus.
• Also be aware that high winds can pick up even heavy objects on campus. While our maintenance staff has worked to secure many of those items ahead of the potential storms, be aware of your surroundings and the potential of high winds causing objects to be moved or lifted up.

Two major concerns on the Wofford campus, depending on the impact of the storm, are classes and food service.


A decision on whether to cancel classes or close campus will be made in the coming days as the hurricane’s track and potential impact on our area are more defined. The decision will depend on the anticipated strength of the storms we are expected to receive. Campus will be notified as early as possible of these decisions. They will be communicated by email to Wofford accounts and posted on Wofford’s website (; look for links on the home page under News in the lower left corner and official Facebook account ( They also may be shared by other Wofford social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. If necessary, changes will be communicated via a Rave alert.

Operations on campus will be determined by the severity of any storms we may see:
• Heavy rain only, with no power outages – Campus likely would operate normally.
• Heavier rain, high winds, possible tornados, with no power outages – Campus likely would operate normally, except possible adjustments to hours and locations for food services.
• Power outage(s) – Likely class cancelations or campus closing, and changes in hours and locations for food services as well as changes to menu options (cold food and packaged foods).

ANY CHANGES in schedules for classes and food services operations will be communicated as early as possible.


Latest projections are for the Upstate to see effects of Hurricane Irma beginning late Monday night into early Tuesday morning; these projections are subject to change quickly.

AVI Fresh has made the decision to operate as follows Monday and Tuesday; if changes are required to this schedule, the campus community will be informed as soon as possible. These schedules assume that power in all locations remains operational and campus is not under a tornado warning.

Monday, Sept. 11:
Breakfast:  Normal hours
Lunch:  The Galleria and Burwell Dining Hall will be OPEN; Zach’s Express will be CLOSED.
Lunch will be served until 1:30 p.m.
Dinner:  Burwell Dining Hall OPEN; all other venues, CLOSED.
Hours:  4:30-7 p.m.

Tuesday, Sept. 12:
Burwell Dining Hall OPEN; all other venues, CLOSED.
Normal hours for breakfast, lunch and dinner will be observed.

In the event of campus power outages on Tuesday, service will continue in Burwell Dining Hall only, with these hours:
Brunch: 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Dinner: 4-6 p.m.

Resident students: Resident Assistants will have the most up-to-date information; check with them if you have questions or problems.

As always, in cases of emergencies, contact Campus Safety at 864-597-4911.