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Wofford again named S.C.’s ‘Hidden Gem’ by College Raptor

Website selects one institution per state to highlight

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SPARTANBURG, S.C. – For the second consecutive year, Wofford College has been selected as South Carolina’s “Hidden Gem” by the website College Raptor, a site designed to help students and parents select colleges or universities based on comparisons of available financial aid and the students’ academic and career goals.

This is the second annual ranking of the “hidden gems” list of “the best college in every state that receives fewer than 5,000 applications.”

Wofford’s profile on the site can be viewed at:

“Most of us are only familiar with a small handful of local or regional colleges – big state schools, perhaps a famous private,” the website writes. “Beyond that, few of us know what options are out there, or which schools may be a great fit…. We again are shining the spotlight on colleges across the country that are often overlooked. They may be great schools that are in your backyard or just across state lines that you’ve never heard of.”

The list consists of colleges that receive fewer than 5,000 applications a year and that enroll 1,000 or more undergraduates. From that compiled list, the website then selected the best college in each state, based on its national overall rankings. The data used is based on the most recently available data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).

College Raptor ranks Wofford at #172 of 300 in its overall rankings, based on such factors as acceptance rate, graduation rate, student-to-faculty ratio, endowment per student, overall campus diversity and student loan default rate.