Dr. Hill and students

Message from President Samhat: The Greek Village

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To the Wofford College Community:

A time that should have been a cause for celebration—the recent opening of our new Greek Village, built for our students with support from our generous alumni and friends of the college—has become a difficult and emotional conversation regarding the lease and a perceived disconnect between administration and our Greek community. We take full responsibility for the unfortunate situation in which we find ourselves. We should have started the discussions about the lease earlier this year to give the fraternity and sorority presidents, their advisers and their national offices adequate time to review and discuss the draft. We all understand the apprehensions of our Greek community.

I have heard the issues and the concerns, and I want you to know that we are committed to finding a swift and mutually agreeable solution. We are currently working toward this goal, and we will reach a resolution as soon as possible. Please know that students will certainly have the ability to hang flags, use their Greek letters on the houses and further identify them as the unique communities they are. We are reviewing the terms of the lease—including the insurance requirements—and will engage Greek community representatives in order to find compromise.

For 147 years the college has supported fraternity chapters on our campus, and we assisted women in creating sororities as early as 1978, soon after coeducation began. The Student Affairs staff is dedicated to the values and ideals of all student organizations, and the college is eager for our students to take advantage of the houses in the Greek Village; indeed, some already have done so. I appreciate the passion of our Greek community and their love for Wofford. Thank you for your patience and continued understanding as we work through this process.

Nayef Samhat