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Borders shares experience with Wofford students

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SPARTANBURG, S.C. — Most of the students in the "Measure Twice, Cut Once" Interim signed up because of the practicality of the skill. "Who doesn't need to hem a pair of pants or sew on a button," says a student working intently (and with some frustration) to sew a zipper between two pieces of cloth that soon will be a pillow. "Cloth selection is more important than I realized."

Others, however, are using the class as a first step toward a career in the world of fashion, and speaker Ashley Borders, Wofford Class of 2004, shared how she's continuing the adventure of her life as the fashion editor of South magazine, a fashion stylist, costumer and image consultant for corporate clients and film.

Borders advised the students, regardless of their career paths, to be nice to everyone and make the most of opportunities to network and make professional connections. She spoke to Dr. Catherine Schmitz's Interim class and later spoke to a larger group of Wofford students during an event sponsored by The Space in the Mungo Center, Wofford's professional development program.

In addition to learning to sew, students in the month-long January Interim class explored the historical, social and economic importance of textiles and the fashion industry.

During Interim Wofford students study a single topic designed to expand the walls of the traditional classroom, explore new and untried topics, take academic risks, observe issues in action, develop capabilities for independent learning and consider different peoples, places and professional opportunities. Interim ends on Thursday, Jan. 28.