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Forbes lists Wofford among Top 50 ROI Colleges

Grateful Graduates Index measures private giving

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SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Wofford College is among the Top 50 ROI Colleges in the Top 100 Grateful Graduates Index released by Forbes.com.

Wofford is number 46 on the Grateful Graduates Index listing of the top 100 four-year, private, not-for-profit colleges and universities ranked according to the amount of private gifts they receive.

“One of the perennial topics of discussion among parents and pundits is which schools provide the greatest return-on-investment (ROI)?” columnist Matt Schifrin writes of how he came up with a method of determining the ROI of a particular college, which he calls the Grateful Graduates Index. His formula “measures the amount of private gifts given to a four-year college over time, divided by the number of full time students it has. After all, private donations are typically an indicator of two things: how successful an alumnus is and how grateful they feel toward their alma mater.”

Schifrin went back 10 years, looking only at private not-for-profit colleges that offered four-year degrees and had more than 1,000 full time students.

“In some ways the Grateful Graduates Index is a vindication of the old fashioned idea of getting a good liberal arts education,” Schifrin writes. “Our Top ROI colleges list is chock full of small liberal arts colleges like Williams, Wellsley and Bard. This may provide some comfort to parents who have recently sent in deposits and are worrying about the futility of a liberal arts education versus more practical degrees in engineering, computer sciences or say, nursing.”

Other colleges and universities on the Top 50 ROI list include Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Duke.