Dr. Hill and students

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Event today, 11 a.m., includes professors panel

Holocaust Remembrance image

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Today (Thursday, April 19) from 11 a.m. to noon in the Montgomery Music Building, Room 122, on Wofford’s campus, the Jewish student organization Hillel will hold a Holocaust Remembrance Day event.

With Wofford President Benjamin B. Dunlap, this third annual Holocaust Remembrance Day event, will feature four professors providing different perspectives on the Holocaust. Participating are Dr. Kristen Krick-Aigner, associate professor of foreign languages; Dr. Kim Rostan, assistant professor of English; Dr. Julie Sexeny, assistant professor of English; and Dr. Clayton Whisnant, associate professor of history.

“Remembering the Holocaust and the awful genocide is important for Wofford to remember,” says Dr. Patricia Nuriel, assistant professor in foreign languages and advisor of Hillel.

Dr. Ron Robinson, the Perkins-Prothro Chaplain and professor of religion, notes, “It is important to remember the Holocaust because we need to be reminded that humans have the potential to sink into the darkest of depths. I once heard a Holocaust survivor say, ‘The opposite of love is not hate; it is indifference.’ He’s right. It is important for us to know what can happen when people are indifferent to cruelty.”

Nuriel and Dr. Andrew Green, assistant professor of finance, are advisors for Hillel, which was established on campus in 2009 by students. Green says they began the group because they believed it is important for Wofford’s students to have a sense of Jewish life on campus.

In addition to recognizing the Holocaust Remembrance Day, Hillel hosts several Jewish events throughout each year.