Students and professor working in neuroscience

Notes from Program of Neuroscience alumni

Here are some e-mails received from our alumni:

  • Bekah Bowie (2016): As a medical student at USC School of Medicine Greenville, "We have a class three times a week called IPM (integrated practice of medicine) that focuses on clinical skills and patient interactions, and most of the information they present I already know from Health Psychology and other psychology courses. Additionally, all of those neuroscience classes I took have been very beneficial, and I feel like they have given me a slight advantage over some of the other students."
  • Emily Dengler Sturkie (2009): As a medical student at USC, "I am now in the 4th week of med school . . . pre-med students should be strongly encouraged to do the neuroscience concentration. We have a class next semester that is all neuroscience, and I've heard from several students that it is pretty difficult because most people haven't learned much about the brain. A concentration will give them a good foundation and is also very helpful in every class that I'm in right now."
  • Lauren Bosshardt (2008):  As a medical student at Emory, "I'm now in my second year of medical school at Emory University, and, thanks to the neuroscience program, the wonderful world of neurology is a lot less stressful for me than for my classmates. It has been an absolute pleasure to contribute material to the discussion instead of simply trying to cram new information into my head. And, not to say that we don't have good teachers in medical school, but sometimes I think that Wofford's professors did a better job of teaching that a lot of my medical school professors! The quality of Wofford's education is just unbelievable. Neuroscience seminars also gave me some much-appreciated experience in reading and analyzing primary research papers. This skill has proved quite valuable in my graduate school education."
  • Zach Chillag (2008):  As a graduate student in Veterinarian School at UGA, "I am in vet school at UGA now, and we have just started our neuroanatomy class. I am seeing a lot of the material for the second time, and it is more enjoyable, less stressful, and even more stimulating than when I learned it for the first time. I'm also better prepared than most of my classmates because of the neuroscience program."
  • Meaghan Crawley (2007):  As a graduate student in the PhD Neuroscience Program at Tulane, "Just wanted to tell you how prepared I am for my graduate classes so far.  I can't say how impressive it seems to have been that I've done the research I've done and published what we've published. Wofford is truly unique in its research and publication opportunities!!! I haven't met anyone in my cohort who has been able to have the experiences I've had . . . My memory systems seminar is going great because I'm experienced in reading articles and preparing to facilitation discussions based on my readings...the neuroscience seminars were more than helpful in preparing me for this!! . . . I just wanted to let you know how well I am prepared because of my education at Wofford! The neuroscience concentration, not only taught me how to read research articles and interpret them but also gave me the background to feel totally at ease in my graduate courses."
  • Cameron Corbin (2007):  As a graduate student in the Occupational Therapy Program at MUSC, "My psychology and neuroscience classes are helping me in EVERY class that I have. Just yesterday, I was thinking to myself in class, "Why did I even decide to show up today? I've learned this stuff backward and forward and over & over." We were learning about the limbic system and memory in my neuro course. Kelsey Roth is that class with me, and I know she was thinking the same thing."

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