Student in pottery studio

Program Description

The Wofford College music program has ample opportunities for students to participate in vocal and instrumental ensembles, musical theatre, music history and theory classes.

Although Wofford has no music major, students from many departments participate in a variety of musical activities. Most music classes and performing ensembles offer college credit which satisfy Wofford's fine arts requirements. Limited music scholarships are available for choral, strings and band students.

Wofford College has several pianos, band and orchestral instruments.  Musical instruments in Main Building's Leonard Auditorium include the Bosendorfer grand piano and the William Preston Few Organ, a Holtkamp organ, re-voiced and installed in 1997.

Music instructor Christi Sellars launched Wofford STARTS--"students in the arts"--in 2003.  This  program brings students from Spartanburg's Boys and Girls Clubs to campus once a month where they are taught about visual art, music and theater by Wofford students.