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FriendsTRANSITION n. – A passage from one state or stage to another.

Transitions is a program designed to enhance the experience of students at Wofford College. While emphasis is placed on students of color, all students are encouraged and welcomed to participate in the various workshops, seminars, and programs that are offered. The program’s core mission is to Transition students “into” and “out of” the Wofford College community, add lasting value to the Wofford experience for students of color, and make a positive difference in the lives of all Wofford College graduates.

Meet the Transitions Leadership Team

First and Second Year Programming
As a new student to Wofford, freshmen are filled with questions. What is dorm life like? What if I don’t like my roommate? What organizations should I join? What classes should I take? These questions and many others are all a part of the process of changing from one stage to another; high school to collegiate life. The programming for first and second year students targets those areas of uncertainty and cements a balanced foundation of educational preparedness and social awareness.

Third and Fourth Year Programming
By Junior year students have formed peer groups and mapped out a general course for the future but in the home stretch of College life these student are about to Transition once more from campus to the real world. Programming for the third and fourth year students is focused on preparing each student for graduation and life there after; from internships and creating a résumé to graduate school and career opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Transitions only for African-American Students?
A: Absolutely not! Transitions and all of its programming will benefit all Wofford students. As a matter of fact, all students are invited and encouraged to attend Transitions meetings and programs. Emphasis is placed on students of color, but all students are welcome to join and be apart of this great Team!

Q: Is Transitions a mandatory program for students of color?
A: No, Transitions is a volunteer program, students join and participate at their own will. If a student chooses to attend the Summit with Transitions support then that student is required to attend Transitions events throughout the semester.

Q: What types of socials does Transitions offer?
A: We do a little of everything, from Tailgating with Alumni, to ice Cream socials, to bowling, and dancing. Then there are the small events like spades tournaments, PS2 tournaments and just plain impromptu fellowship.

Q: How does Transitions help me academically?
A: We provide support immediately to academic success. First by helping you identify campus resources on your first day on campus. Secondly, we will provide you with Peer Mentors that will help guide you along the first weeks of your semester –they will make sure that you are studying and check frequently that you are staying ahead on reading. Thirdly, you will have the opportunity to learn just how you learn! Through a workshop called Learning Styles, this will help you as you discover your own unique learning style. Finally, you will meet and develop a great relationship with Faculty, staff, and administrators who will assist you as you develop at Wofford.

Transitions GroupQ: What if we can’t come to the one-day orientation?
A: That’s okay! The one-day orientation and the Summit are small parts of the overall program. Please feel free to express you interest in being a part of the “Team” and join us for any event you like.

Q: Are student-Athletes a part of this program?
A: One area that we really need to improve is our student-athlete involvement. To answer the question –Yes! Athletes are highly encouraged to be a part of Transitions. Practice and game schedules sometimes limit the amount of events they can attend, but I highly recommend that these students be as involved as they can early. We have a track athlete and cross-country athlete on the Transitions Staff as a Peer Mentor.

Q: What other groups are affiliated with Transitions?
A: Primarily the Transitions program is supported by the Association of Multicultural Students (AMS) but other student groups are apart of the staff and programs as well. The South Asian Student Organization (SASO), the Souljah’s for Christ, and the fellowship of Christian Athletes are a couple groups that support Transitions events. It should be noted that Transitions Mentors come from Fraternities and Sororities on campus.