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Association of Multicultural Students

Mission Statement
Legacy of Excellence
Wofford African-American Firsts 
Mission Statement

The Association of Multicultural Students (AMS) exists to provide a cultural and social outlet for all students at Wofford College. Additionally, it strives to maintain a spirit of unity among all students of color.

AMS fulfills its mission via the following components:

  • Cultural Enrichment - provide cultural programs and activities that promote appreciation of diverse people and cultures
  • Social Enhancement - coordinate social activities geared to ethnic minority student interests
  • Transitions - assist first year students of color in the transition from high school to Wofford
  • Alumni Relations - foster interaction with alumni of color to promote leadership development and create an additional support network
  • Community Outreach- engage in community service activities that encourage a spirit of “giving back.”

Ultimately, AMS is designed to enhance the collegiate experience of all students with an emphasis  in the multicultural community and thereby build better interpersonal relationships across the entire campus community. All members of the Wofford College student body are eligible to be members of AMS.

Our Theme: "Lift as We Climb" succinctly expresses our purpose.

Legacy of Excellence 
There is a spirit and a need and a man at the beginning of every great human advance. Each of these might be right for the particular moment of history, or nothing happens.
- Coretta Scott King, 1969

After observing a year of token but troubled racial desegregation at flagship universities across the South, the Wofford Board of Trustees announced in the spring of 1964 that applicants for admission henceforth would be considered without regard to race.  Wofford thus became one of the first historically white private colleges in the South to take such a step voluntarily.

Albert W. Gray, from Spartanburg's Carver High School, applied to Wofford and enrolled without incident for the fall semester, 1964.  Mr. Gray completed his degree after Vietnam, and is now a successful businessman and a member of the Wofford Board of Trustees.

Today's African-American students promise to attain or exceed the level of excellence attained by Mr. Gray and other pioneers from the classes of the 1960's and 1970's.  Black students, alumni, faculty, and staff are involved in every phase of campus life, inside and outside the classroom.  They also are active in the Spartanburg community as Twin Towers volunteers and Bonner Scholars.  Four- and five-year graduation rates continue to be outstanding, often exceeding that of the student body as a whole.  Black alumni continue to win recognition as achievers in graduate and professional schools as well as in business and other careers. 

Executive Officer Responsibilities

  • President
    Serves as the official spokesperson for the organization and shall represent the organization in all campus organization meetings and activities. Additionally, he/she will reside over team meetings, create a meeting agenda and help with event coordination as needed. He/she will be responsible for notifying members of meeting changes and updates. Serves as chair for executive committee.
  • Vice President
    Acts in the absence of the president. Helps with event coordination as needed. Serves as liaison to all committee chairs.
  • Secretary
    Shall record minutes at all meetings, distribute all organizational, official and special occasion correspondence, serves as official conduct event evaluation and maintain organizational files. He/she is also responsible for notifying members of meeting changes and updates.
  • Treasurer
    Responsible for maintaining budget and financial records and collecting membership dues. Oversees fundraising endeavors and activities. Processes check requests. Reports budget expenditures and balance to membership at each meeting.

Organization Morale Officers

  • Athletic Representative- Robert Massey, '17
    Serves as liaison to athletes of color.   

  • Chaplain, Robert Massey, '17
    Spiritual and motivational leader for all prayers and invocations.

Committee Chair Responsibilities

  • Alumni Relations
    Facilitates interaction with alumni to promote leadership development and create an additional support network for students of color.
  • Community Outreach
    Engages organization in community service activities to encourage a spirit of “giving back.”
  • Fundraising
    Coordinates all organizational fundraising activities.
  • Publicity
    Designs and distributes all publicity and advertisements for organizational activities.
  • Social Enhancement and Cultural Enrichment
    Coordinates social activities geared to students of color; provides cultural programs that promote appreciation of diverse people and cultures.

Wofford African American Firsts
Student - Mr. Albert W. Gray '71
Female Student - Ms. Debra Lewis '79
Graduate - Mr. Douglas L. Jones '69
Female Graduate - Mrs. Carolyn M. Dawkins '76
Faculty Member - Dr. Otis Turner
Administrator - Mr. Bobby Leach
Member of Phi Beta Kappa - Mr. Mack A. Davis '76
Alumnus or Alumna Trustee - Mrs. Joyce Payne Yette '80
Alumnus or Alumna Faculty Member - Dr. Jameica Hill '88
Student Body President - Mr. Stanley Porter '89
Student Body Vice-President - Fletcher Smith Jr., Esquire '74
Glee Club and Campus Union - James A. Cheek, Esquire '73
Presidential International Scholar - Mr. Dwain Pruitt '95
Homecoming Queen - Ms. Linda Burgess
Member of Athletics Hall of Fame - Mr. Lenny Best '82
Starting Quarterback - Mr. Jason Hill '89
Athlete with Jersey Retired - Mr. Shawn Graves '93
Glee Club Accompanist - Mr. Greg Leevy '74