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Service and Civic Engagement

Wofford Student Service in Venezuela

The Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures is committed to providing an educational environment which links academic and experiential learning to foster meaningful student engagement with college, community, and global affairs.

Wofford College modern language majors and advanced language students will graduate with experience in living and working with people of diverse cultures and socio-economic backgrounds, problem solving which combines academic knowledge with real world situations community building and participation in college, local, and overseas service activitiesWe foster such an integrated living and learning environment through physical facilities designed to aid students in working together and with faculty and through curricular as well as co-curricular program offerings.Curricular components that emphasize problem solving class projects—team work, applying course content to real world problems include a Freshman Seminar in Global Issues, and capstone seminars in Intercultural Studies and Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies.Community service in local, national, and international contexts is a hallmark of the department’s mission. On campus, our students participate in the college’s Peer Tutoring Program. In the wider Spartanburg community, our students have initiated outreach programs including the Math Academy and La U y Tu. Students continue their service while studying abroad and are then encouraged to bring those international insights back to our classrooms and communities.

Some of the activities in which our students are engaged both in the States and Abroad:

Civic Engagement in Spanish in the USA
Civic Engagement in Spanish Abroad

The department hosts a monthly series of Service and Civic Engagement presentations by students and faculty in which our community shares its good works locally and nationally.