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  • What do you do with a Modern Language degree?


    Wofford graduates who majored in a modern language are doing great things with their degrees. Recent graduates are working as:

    • > Teacher of Oral English as a Foreign Language – English Language Institute/China
    • > After School Program – Columbia, SC
    • > Freelance English Trainer – Knowledge Point and Sphairos Language Schools
    • > Finance Company in Moldova
    • > Project Manager and Sales Director - Engineered Specialties, Inc.
    • > Area Specialist – First Citizens Bank
    • > Program Coordinator – Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Upstate
    • > Custom Built Personal Training
    • > Naval Audit Service
    • > Fashion Stylist
    • > Office Manager – Senator Jim Demint
    • > Health Educator and Member Services Associate – National Association for Continence
    • > Management Assistant - Enterprise Rent-a-Car
    • > Freelance English Teacher


    Proficiency in a foreign language opens many doors in today's job market. As the world becomes more interconnected, employers value applicants and employees who can communicate with people in other parts of the world. A degree in a foreign language gives you the knowledge and skills you need to be successful in an increasingly integrated economy and marketplace. 

  • Prospective Students

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  • In the Work Force

    The following are examples of careers for which a major in Modern Languages will prepare you:

    • International relations
    • Diplomacy
    • Intelligence gathering
    • Journalism
    • Law
    • Medicine
    • Tourism
    • Translator/Interpretater
    • Foreign Service specialist

    *Please note that some of these careers require additional schooling beyond an undergraduate degree.