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Information for Majors

Centro de Medellin, Colombia

General Information

The department sponsors:

  • National Language Honoraries: French (Pi Delta Phi); Spanish (Sigma Delta Pi);  German (Delta Phi Alpha)
  • Fall and Spring meetings for majors and students interested in majoring or minoring in the department, and students interested in studying abroad.


All language majors and Intercultural Studies for Business majors are expected to complete an oral proficiency and a writing proficiency examination through the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.  Additionally, the department urges all students to participate in college-wide assessment practices including the Collegiate Learning Assessment and the National Survey of Student Engagement.  Costs for the testing is covered by the college.

Our Students and Their Achievements

Over the past four years, the department has produced an average of 32 graduates per year with 17 students per year completing a second major.  The most common second majors are Biology, Government, Accounting, and Business Economics.  35% of all inductees to the Phi Beta Kappa, the national academic honorary society have been foreign language majors, and 90% have participated in at least one semester of study abroad.

Recent graduates have found employment with Milliken & Company, Price-Waterhouse, and Holiday Inn International.  Others have pursued graduate study in the International Master of Business Administration at USC-Columbia, the School of Public Health at Yale University, and Harvard Law School.

Graduate School Options

The Department posts advertisements for many graduate schools in language, literature, and translation.  Please consult departmental bulletin boards for application guidelines and contacts.

Study Abroad Options

Address all inquiries to the Office of International Programs at internationalprograms@wofford.edu or 864-597-4430. The Office of International Programs is located in the Michael S. Brown Village Center.

Employment Opportunities

  • Make use of the College's Career Planning and Planning Services; consult the Career Services materials specific to foreign languages majors and also The Space (formerly Career Services) webpage.
  • We also have a list of U.S. Government agencies that normally are interested in language students.
  • There are some work abroad opportunities through the Study Abroad Program Office. (Other Information, Work Abroad)
  • The department subscribes to Jobs International, an electronic posting of employment for students seeking employment in language-related fields.  The bulletin is forwarded by the department chair to all declared foreign language majors. 

Letters of Recommendation

If you intend to ask a professor for a letter of recommendation:

  • Ask the professor before delivering the letter form.
  • Sign the confidentiality waiver and be certain that the professor agrees to write the letter if you choose not to waive confidentiality.
  • Provide your professor with addressed, stamped envelopes.
  • Be sure your professor knows what the deadline for the letter is.
  • Remind your professor that he or she has agreed to write for you and remind him or her of that date. Recommendations for foreign study programs are normally due in the Office of Programs Abroad at the end of September for spring study abroad and at the beginning of March for summer or fall study abroad.
  • Provide a copy of your résumé to your professor.