2 Students and professor tossing ice

Faculty & Staff 

Dr. John C. Akers
John C. Akers, Retired
Associate Professor of Spanish

B.A., M.A., Middlebury College
Ph. D., University of California at Los Angeles
(864) 597-5022
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Laura Barbas Rhoden
Laura H. Barbas Rhoden
Professor of Spanish

B.A., University of Georgia
M.A., Ph. D., Tulane University
(864) 597-4513
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 Dr. Camille L. Bethea
Camille L. Bethea
Associate Professor of Spanish

B.S., Wofford College
M.A., Vanderbilt University
M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(864) 597-4514
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Dr. Beate U. Brunow
Beate U. Brunow
Assistant Professor of German
Director of New Faculty Teaching Initiatives

M.A., University of Wyoming
Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University
(864) 597-4508
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Dr. Begoña Caballero-Garcia
Begoña Caballero-Garcia
Associate Professor of Spanish
Dean of Diversity and Inclusion

B.A., University of Extremadura, Spain
Diploma of Higher Education, University of Ulster, Great Britain
M.A. Western Michigan University
Ph.D., University of UNC Chapel Hill
(864) 597-4901
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Roman Gutschow
German Language Assistant

Olin 113
(864) 597-4190 

Kim Henry
Kim Henry
Macintosh Support Specialist
& Multimedia Instructor

B.A., Wofford College
(864) 597-4275
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Nathalie Lemaire
Adjunct Instructor for French and Latin
Daniel 213
(864) 597-4325

Dr. Li Qing Kinnison
Li Qing Kinnison
Associate Professor of Chinese

M.A., Azusa Pacific University
Ph.D., Michigan State University
(864) 597-4498
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Amber Long
Adjunct Instructor for Spanish
(864) 597-4542
Daniel 221

Dr. Kirsten Krick-Aigner
Kirsten A. Krick-Aigner
Professor of German and Chair

B.S.L.A., Georgetown University
M.A., Ph. D., University of California at Santa Barbara
(864) 597-4506

 Dr. Carolina A. Mark
Caroline A. Mark
Professor of French 

B.A., University of Georgia
M.A., Ph. D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(864) 597-4507
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Dr. Amanda Matousek
Amanda Matousek
Assistant Professor of Spanish

Ph. D., The Ohio State University
M.A., B.A., B.S., The University of Akron
(864) 597-4505

Youness Mountaki
Assistant Professor of Arabic

Daniel 210
(864) 597-4803
Dr. Britton W. Newman
Britton W. Newman
Assistant Professor of Spanish

B.A., University of South Carolina
M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina
(864) 597-4906

  Dr. Patricia G. Nuriel
Patricia G. Nuriel
Associate Professor of Spanish

B.A., M.A., Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Ph. D., Arizona State University
(864) 597-4905
Miguel Olivares
Visiting International Faculty for Spanish

(864) 597-45
olivaresma@wofford.edu schmitzcl@wofford.edu
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Dionisio Sánchez Loring
Visiting Internation Faculty for Spanish

Olin 106
(864) 597-4101

Dr. Catherine L. Schmitz
Catherine L. Schmitz
Associate Professor of French

LicenceMaîtrise, University of Paris-Nanterre, France
M.A., Ph.D., Indiana University
(864) 597-4512
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Tingting You 
Tingting You
Chinese Fulbright Teaching Assistant

B.A., English from China
M.A.,TESOL from UK
Olin 113
(864) 597-4189
Dr. Yongfang Zhang
Yongfang Zhang
Assistant Professor of Chinese

B.A., Henan University, China
M.A., Beijing Normal University, China
M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University
(864) 597-4902