German Soft Pretzels
What Are They Doing Now?
   (from Wofford Today)


1990:  Ingrid Hutto - Spanish and Presidential Scholar -  is a practicing lawyer in Washington D.C.

1990:  Melissa Stewart - Spanish -  Associate Professor of Religionand Philosophy, Adrian College.

1993:  Harris King - German -  Instructor of German, Clemson University.

1994:  Chris Rush - Spanish -  administrator of Rush Health Systems, Bailey MS.

1997:  Shannon Willis - Spanish and Business Economics -  Executive Director of the South Carolina Bar Foundation

2006:  Quynh Nguyen - ISB-French -  Commissioned Examiner, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

2007:  Lianne Moore - Spanish -  BAI analyst, Washington DC

2009:  Chett McCubrey - Spanish -  Management Trainee, Nature's Calling, Charleston SC

2009:  Jeff Kim - Business Economics and Spanish -  Fashion Consultant and Designer

2011:  Sydney Fogle - Biology and Spanish -  is a graduate student in Health Administration at University of Alabama, Birmingham and a graduate health care administrative training program intern at Bay Pines Verterans Administration Healthcare Systems.

2010:  Alyse Line -Spanish and English -  Recruitment Coordinator, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem NC