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Meet Tracey Southers

How long have you been at Wofford? Since February 2009

What are your favorite book(s): Anything by Mary Higgins Clark. I am also a huge fan of The Walking Dead.

What are your favorite film(s): Lost Boys (Keifer Sutherland), Young Guns,  any Mission Impossible or Die Hard movie 

What was your biggest adventure? My life-I met Ray in October ’88, we dated 3 weeks before he proposed, and we were married on our 11 month anniversary. We waited a few years before we had our daughter, Kyleigh. She is a dancer, and I love being a dance mom. It keeps both of us busy! The whole journey has been an amazing ride so far. I am very blessed.

Who is your biggest inspiration? My Mom and Dad. Their love and kindness for each other is what I strive to emulate in my own life. They met in the 1st grade while playing the bride and groom for a school program. They eloped at 17 and were together until my mother passed away. My father’s health rapidly declined shortly after her death.

What was your most unusual job? I once had a job as an estimator for a cabinet shop. I estimated cabinet installations worth over $1 million, and also produced their drawings that were later sent to architects and general contractors.

What is one of your future goals? Ray and I would love to travel. Neither one of us has a passport, but we are thinking about our options now that Kyleigh is in college. Being a grandmother would always be a blessing, but that will be a way away!

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