Interior of the Sandor Teszler Library


 Broadus R. Littlejohn Jr., Collection of Civil War Covers


 I. Famous People


  A. George Washington


  1.  King & Baird; “Shall the name of Washington ever be heard…” (3 copies)


  1.  A Model Patriot


  1.  Portrait on Shield


  1.  Portrait with eagle; “Union”


  1.  Portrait with flags; “Long may our Land be bright…”


  1.  Portrait with flags; “George Washington”


  1.  Harbach & Brother; Remember Washington


  1.  C. Magnus; Portrait with flag and eagle


  1.  Mounted on horse with flag; “Union” (3 copies)


  1.  E. K. Kimmel; Mounted on horse with flag; “Union”


  1.  Chas. Magnus; West front of the capitol


  1.  Chas. Magnus; Portrait with Native Americans (in color)


  1.  C. Magnus; Portrait with Native Americans


  1.  Chas. Magnus; “Ninth A.C.”


  1.  Charles Magnus; “The Father of his Country” (2 copies – one in color)


  1.  Mounted on horse with canon in background


  1.  Mounted on horse with canon in background – in color


  1.  Standing portrait


  1.  Standing portrait – in color (2 copies)


  1.  Hoffman & Knickerbocker; Standing portrait


  1.  Standing portrait in gold


  1.  Black and white portrait


  1.  Black and white portrait in oval frame


  1.  Portrait in frame surrounded by flags, canons, and eagles


  1.  Standing portrait; “As was of yore – ‘God and the Right’”


 B. Winfield Scott


  1.  Gay & Hollingshead; “Lieut. Gen. Scott”


  1.  Portrait in flag; “Scott & Anderson”


  1.  Chas. Magnus; “Lieut. Gen. Scott” with depiction of war department


  1.  Scott’s Extinguisher! – “I’ll block your game” Yellow envelope (2                                 copies)


  1.  Scott’s Extinguisher! – “I’ll block your game”  (3 copies)


  1.  “When I wish to catch rats, I first stop their holes,” Gen’l Scott


  1.  “Scott Is the cow with the crumpled horn that will toss the dog that



  1.  Scott’s hand covering Davis


  1.  The downfall of Secession Treas-ons!  (3 copies)


  1.  General Scott – Slow but sure


  1.  S. L. Hamlen; Scott vs. Hardee


  1.  Upham; Gen. Scott about making a ten strike


  1.  Portrait in oval frame


  1.  “Yes, sir, I can trust Scott any place”  (2 copies)


  1.  Upham; “If it makes no particular difference to you, I should like to

                 experiment with this piece of string…”  (2 copies)


  1.  Scott’s Tactics – Oval frame (3 copies)


  1.  “Scott’s Tactics – Stopping up the rat holes!”


  1.  “This is my last campaign, and it shall be my best.”


  1.  T. Lynch; Scott’s hold on the Seccessionists  (2 copies)


  1.  Wells; The right man in the right place!


  1.  Harbach & Bro., “Lieut. Gen. Winfield Scott”


  1.  Black and white portrait in red oval with constitution and sword


  1.  Portrait with flags; “His exploits in the field, which placed him in the front

                 rank of our soldiers…”


  1.  Portrait in circle surrounded by union state abbreviations; “This is my last



  1.  “The rebels will not go FREE” – pink envelope


  1.  “The rebels will not go FREE” – white envelope


  1.  “Gen. Scott”


  1.  “About this time you will hear thunder.  The great ‘comet’ of 1861”


 C. George McClellan


  1.  Magnus; “Major-General McClellan”


  1.  S. C. Upham; “Appearance of the Son of Pennsylvania in Washington…”


  1.  “General M’Clellan”


 D.  Elmer Ellsworth


  1.  Hoyt; “Him! The first great martyr in this great cause…”


  1.  S. C. Upham; The first officer killed in the revolution.  The first officer

                 killed in the present Rebellion.


  1.  Portrait in shield


  1.  “Remember Ellsworth!” (2 copies)


  1.  To Richmond


  1.  To Richmond – Remember Ellsworth


  1.  “Our cause is just.  Fight on Remember Ellsworth” (2 copies)


  1.  New York Union Envelope Depot; “Whatever may happen, cherish the

                 consolation that I was engaged in the performance of a sacred duty.”


  1.  J. Magee; Memorial to Col. Ellsworth. “Thou noble warrior…”


  1.  Wells; “He who noteth even the fall of a sparrow will have some purpose

                 even in the fate of one like me.”


  1.  N. Tibbals & Co.; Ellsworth Memorial – Youthful Integrity, Temperance,

                 Patriotism (2 copies)


  1.  J. G. Wells; “Father – Col. Ellsworth was shot dead this morning.  I killed

                 his murderer.”


 E.  John C. Fremont


  1.  Major General J. C. Fremont


  1.  J. E. Tilton & Co.; Major General John C. Fremont



 F.  Robert Anderson


  1.  Mumford & Co.; “Col. Robt. Anderson, U. S. A.”


  1.  “General Beauregard is already acquainted with my only terms”


  1.  “Col. Robert Anderson – Yes, sir, trusting in God, we shall succeed in the

                 high and responsible talk before us…”


  1.  Harbach & Brother; Portrait in oval (2 copies)


 G.  Martha Washington


  1.  Portrait in oval/patriotic design (2 copies)


  1.  “One of the Rebels – Martha Washington”


 H.  Nathaniel Lyon


  1.  James Gates; “Gen’l Nathaniel Lyon – killed at the battle near Springfield,



  1.  New York Union Envelope Depot; “Gen. Lyon, of Missouri”


 I.  John Bull


  1.  “Cotton is king!”  (2 copies)


  1.  “John Bull making his speech to ‘King Cotton’” (3 copies)


  1.  Brown & Ryan; “Those bonds will never do, my friend, for Johnny Bull

                 has said it…”  (3 copies)


  1.  D. Murphy’s Son; John Bull in his perilous feat of Horsemanship


 J.   B. F. Butler


  1.  S. C. Upham; Our Army and Navy – Gen. Butler and Com. Stringham


  1.  “Our faces are set South, and there shall be no footstep backward.”


  1.  Gen. B. F. Butler


  1.  Gibson & Co.; “Union now and forever – Gen. Butler” (2 copies)


  1.  Fred Vogl; “Major General B. F. Butler – ‘Whatever our politics, the

                 Government must be sustained.’”


 K.  N. P. Banks


  1.  Upham; “One of the Banks in Baltimore that has not suspended operations
  •  Hon. N. P. Banks, of Mass.”  (2 copies)


  1.  “There should be but one subject in the mind of any citizen of the United                         states at this time…”  (5 copies).


 L. Others


  1.  Franklin – Chas. Magnus; portrait in oval frame (2 copies)        


  1.  John Hancock – Magee; “Heroes of ‘76” (3 copies)


  1.  Ambrose E. Burnside – F. Hedge; “Brig. Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside”


  1.  Ambrose E. Burnside – Magee; “General Burnside, Commanding

                 Burnside Expedition”


  1.  Mansfield – portrait in color


  1.  Sigel – Mumford & Co.; “Gen’l Sigel”


  1.  Patterson – Magee; “Major-General Patterson”


  1.  Brownell – Magee; “Lieut. Frank Brownell, Who shot Jackson”


  1.  Brownlow – “Parson Brownlow; ‘I have just received your message,

                 through Mr. Sale, requesting me to serve as Chaplain…”


  1.  Greble – J. Magee; “Lieut. John T. Greble; ‘I never dodge, and when I

                 hear the note of the bugle…’”


  1.  Gideon Wells – Chas. Magnus; portrait in oval frame


  1.  Caleb B. Smith – Chas. Magnus; portrait in oval frame



 II. Scenes


 A. Washington


  1.  S. C. Upham; Washington Monument


  1.  S. C. Upham; “Tomb of Washington” (3 copies)


  1.  The capitol at Washington (2 copies)


  1.  Union Stationary Depot; Capitol building


  1.  New York Union Envelope Depot; “Capitol at Washington”


  1.  C. Magnus; Capitol building


  1.  Charles Magnus; “West Front of the Capitol”


  1.  Chas. Magnus; “View of Washington City”


  1.  S. C. Upham; Mount Vernon


  1.  Statue of Gen. Jackson.  Washington


  1.  “Equesn. Statue of Gen. Washington”


  1.  S. C. Upham; Independence Hall


 B.  Baltimore


  1.  “Washington Monument – Baltimore, Md.” (red, half cover)


  1.  “Baltimore Quiet”


  1.  Cain of Baltimore


  1.  Baltimore. Washington Monument (black and white, full cover)


  1.  J. W. Bond & Co.; Battle Monument, Baltimore


 C. Other


  1.  Charleston, S. C. 1871 (2 copies)


  1.  Chas. Magnus; “Bird’s eye view of Alexandria, Va. No. 5. A.”


  1.  S. C. Upham; The Rebel’s Camp – At Manassas Junction


 III.  Regiments


  1.  J. E. Tilton & Co.; Highlanders, 79th Reg.; 2nd Battalion, B. L. I.; Duryea’s

                 Zouaves, 5th N. Y. Reg.; etc.


  1.  John. H. Tingley; “Dedicated to the 71st Regiment and the Rhode Island         

                 Boys” (2 copies)


  1.  F. F. V. Cavelry [sic] (2 copies, 1 misspelled)


  1.  New York Union Envelope Depot; The F. F. Vs. Rejoicing


  1.  James Gates; “Z-O-U-A-V-E! The defenders of our country.”


  1.  The New Zouave Drill. Choke Secession (2 copies)


  1.  The Latest Zouave Drill (All up)


  1.  Federal Cavalry (2 copies)


  1.  79th N. Y. Regiment – Scotchmen for the Union (2 copies)


         10. Young, Lockwood & Co.; “Ever Ready. The Boys of the 21st Regiment

                 N.Y.S.V.”  (2 copies)


 IV.  States


  1.  Alabama. Secession. (Upham)


  1.  Arms of Alabama. (Magee)


  1.  The Rebel Sates. Alabama. (3 copies)


  1.  The Great Seal of Alabama


  1.  Arkansas. Secession. (Upham)


  1.  The Rebel States. Arkansas


  1.  California. For the Union (Upham)


  1.  Arms of California.  The Union at All Hazzards. (Magee)


  1.  The Loyal States. Union. California. (2 copies)


  1.  Connecticut State Seal; A. S. Robinson (2 copies)


  1.  Arms of Connecticut.  The union and the Constitution (Magee)


  1.  The Loyal Sates. Union. Connecticut. (2 copies)


  1.  Great Seal of Connecticut (New York Union Envelope Depot)


  1.  The Charter Oak; The Tree of Connecticut Liberty!


  1.  Arms of Delaware.  Our Union, God’s greatest Blessing on Earth. (2                         copies)


  1.  The Loyal States. Union. Delaware.  (3 copies)


  1.  Florida. Secession. (Upham) (2 copies)


  1.  The Rebel States. Florida.


  1.  Georgia. Secession (Upham)


  1.  The Rebel States. Georgia.


  1.  Illinois. For the Union. (Upham).


  1.  The Loyal States. Union. Illinois. (3 copies)


  1.  Arms of Indiana.  To the Union ever Loyal and True. (Magee)


  1.  The Loyal States. Union. Indiana.


  1.  Loyal Arms of Indiana.  


  1.  Arms of Iowa (Magee).


  1.  The Loyal States. Union. Iowa. (2 copies).  


  1.  Kentucky.  On the Fence.  (Upham).


  1.  Arms of Kentucky. (Magee)


  1.  The Loyal States. Union.  Kentucky. (2 copies).


  1.  Louisiana. Secession.  (Upham) (2 copies)


  1.  Arms of Maine.  One Flag and One Government (Magee)


  1.  The Loyal States. Union. Maine.


  1.  Massachusetts.  For the Union (Upham).


  1.  Arms of Massachusetts.  Death Before Dissolution (Magee).


  1.  The Massachusetts Pine.  “I give my rafters to his boat…” (2 copies).


  1.  Massachusetts seal on flag. (2 copies)


  1.  The Loyal States.  Union.  Massachusetts (3 copies)


  1.  The Loyal States Union. Maryland.


  1.  Coat of Arms of Maryland.


  1.  The Loyal States.  Union. Michigan.


  1.  Michigan Seal on flag.


  1.  Arms of Minnesota.  Death to all Traitors (Magee)


  1.  The Loyal States.  Union. Minnesota.


  1.  Mississippi.  Secession.  (Upham) (2 copies).


  1.  Missouri.  On the Fence.  (Upham).


  1.  Arms of Missouri.  (Magee).  (2 copies)


  1.  The Loyal States.  Union.  Missouri.


  1.  The Loyal States. Union.  Nebraska.


  1.  New Hampshire. For the Union.  (Upham).


  1.  Arms of New Hampshire.  The Union Now and Forever.


  1.  The Loyal States.  Union.  New Hampshire (2 copies)


  1.  Arms of New York.  (Magee)


  1.  The Loyal States.  Union.  New York (2 copies)


  1.  The Loyal States.  Union.  New Jersey.


  1.  North Carolina.  Secession.  (Upham).


  1.  The Rebel States.  North Carolina.


  1.  The Loyal States.  Union.  Ohio.


  1.  Loyal to the Union.  The State of Ohio.  (Wm. Ridenburgh)


  1.  The Loyal States.  Union.  Oregon. (3 copies)


  1.  Arms of Oregon.  (Magee) (3 copies)


  1.  Arms of Pennsylvania.  The Union must and shall be Preserved.  (Magee)


  1.  The Loyal States.  Union.  Pennsylvania (4 copies)


  1.  Loyal Arms of Pennsylvania. (Magee)


  1.  Pennsylvania. (J. Magee).


  1.  The Arms of the Keystone State (Edward Cogan).


  1.  Arms of Rhode Island.  One Government, One Flag, and One Country.  



  1.  The Loyal States.  Union.  Rhode Island.  (2 copies)


  1.  South Carolina.  Secession.  (Upham)


  1.  Tennessee.  Secession  (Upham).


  1.  The Rebel States.  Tennessee.


  1.  The Rebel States.  Texas.


  1.  Utah.  For the Union.  (Upham).


  1.  Arms of Utah.  The Union forever.  (Magee)


  1.  Vermont.  For the Union (Upham).


  1.  Arms of Vermont.  Union and Liberty Forever.  (Magee)


  1.  The Loyal States.  Union.  Vermont. (3 copies)


  1.  Virginia.  Secession. (Upham)


  1.  The Rebel States.  Virginia.


  1.  Arms of Wisconsin.  (Magee)


  1.  The Loyal States.  Union.  Wisconsin.  


 V. Caricatures


 A. Animals - Dogs


  1.  D. Murphy’s Son;  “A Polite Invitation,” holding flags (2 copies)


  1.  D. Murphy’s Son; “A polite invitation” wearing flags


  1.  F. R. Vermeule; “Why don’t you take it?”  


 4. “Why don’t you take it?” Dogs in box (3 copies)


 5. “Why don’t you take it?” “Yours for distinguished consideration, Uncle Sam.”


 6. “Why don’t you take it?” Plume in Scott’s hat.


 7. “Why don’t you take it?” Feather in Scott’s hat.


 8.  As above without feather (2 copies).


 9. “Why don’t you take it?” Blue background with cannons (2 copies)


 10. John. G. Wells; “Don’t See it/Big thing big thing”


 11. John. G. Wells; “Don’t See it/Big thing big thing” with line under picture (3 copies)


 12. Berlin & Jones;  North and South as dogs (2 copies)


 13. Wm. Ridenburgh; “When Southern fools depute and Ass…”  (3 copies)


 14. Wm. Ridenburgh; “Mad Dog!!”  (2 copies)


 15. James Gates; “Southern Confederacy.  The moaning of the tired”  (3



 16. “No, you don’t – you treacherous hound!  You’ve bit the hand which long

                 has fed you…”


 17. “All we want is to be let alone”  (3 copies)


 18. Berlin & Jones – “I wonder if the coast is clear?” (2 copies)


 B. Animals – Cats


  1.  Mumford & Co.; “Governor Magoffin’s neutrality means holding the cock

                 of the walk while the confederate cat kills off his chickens”


  1.  Massachusetts vs. South Carolina – A Friendly Set-To (3 copies)


  1.  D. Murphy’s Son; Jeff uses Virginia as a cat’s paw.


  1.  Wm. Redenburgh; Secession with her “back up.”  Gen. Scott will soon

                 make her “back down.”


 C. Animals – Donkeys


  1.  Southern Ass-Stock-Crazy


  1.  Brown & Ryan; “No folly ‘neath the sun surpasses the folly of these

                 suicidal asses!” (2 copies)


  1.  S. C. Upham; “Capture of one of Jeff. Davis’ ‘Private-ears.’” (2 copies)


  1.  King and Bard; “The flower of the south” (2 copies)


  1.  A.C. Kline; “The Attack at “Man-asses-gap” Junction”


  1.  Wm. Redenburgh; “G. T. Blow-Regard”


  1.  J. G. Wells; “Man-Asses-Gap” (2 copies)


  1.  J. Magee; “Old Blowregard will soon expire…”


  1.  “A secession movement”


  1.  Secessionist, After Nature’s Own Sweet Model”


  1.  New York Union Envelope Depot; “Secession must have “turned their

                 heads” when they let a Jeff Davis caper o’er them.”  (3 copies)


 D. Animals – Snakes


  1.  Dixie!


  1.  J. E. Hayes; “Uncle Sam’s Recipe for Traitors – To be well shaken before



  1.  D. Murphy’s Son; “Cease viper, you bite a file”


  1.  “Or any other man”  “That’s what’s the matter” (4 copies)


 E.  Animals – Pigs


  1.  “Boar-egard throwing up intrenchments”


  1.  South Carolina, and her litter (2 copies)


  1.  Boar-egard turned up


  1.  Boar-egard on a midnight reconnoitering expedition.


  1.  D. Murphy’s Son; The end of rebellion – a painful tail. (3 copies)


  1.  New-York Envelope Depot; “General Boar-a-guard on duty”


 F.  Animals – Rats


  1.  Secession powder for rats – cotton (4 copies)


  1.  New York Union Envelope Depot – “Missouri tasting Secession Soup,

                 and gets burnt! And thinks she won’t go in”  (3 copies)


  1.  A Polite Invitation – “Octogenarian – Why don’t you take a nibble?”


 G.  Animals – Foxes


  1.  D. Murphy’s Son; “Sly-Fox Scott taking Jeff Monkey’s Last Trump” (5



  1.  “To Dixie’s Land” – Fox holding Tennessee and Virginia (2 copies)


  1.  Wm. Redenburgh – The fox and the goose.  “Well, my dear governor, how

                 do you feel now?”


 H.  Animals – Birds/Chicken


  1.  “The long and short of it.  The game cock of the Baltimore rioters whishes

                 for a taste of the poisonous Palmetto fruit, upon which Charleston is



 2. “South/North – Don’t you wish you may get it?”


 3.  Wm. Ridenburgh; “A Confederated Chicken after the Cock of the Walk,

                 (Uncle Sam) gets done with him.”  (2 copies)


         4. W. Wiswell; “5 to One Ha”


         5. “How our American eagle serves the secession rooster”  (4 copies)


         6. “Secession – I thought away from home to run, / But Master Abe has

                 spoilt my fun: / He’s struck me such a stunning blow…”


         7.  D. Murphy’s Son; “Victoria Rex thinks better of it and won’t recognize

                 traitors or harbor(u)r their pirate-sers”  (2 copies)


         8. “Uncle Sam’s Bantam -- While I live I’ll crow”


         9.  North vs. South as roosters (3 copies)


 I.  Animals – Other


         1. D. Murphy’s Son; “Recruits wanted for the Brave Southern Army – Good

                 pay, (in Confederate Bonds) and good quarters (in a horn)”  (3 copies)


         2. Wm. Ridenburgh; Slaying the secession dragon (2 copies)


         3. Secession Trap – “Look out John or you will get your foot in it; Bravo

                 Jonathan” (2 copies)


         4. Southern Honor – insect with flag that reads “Hum”


         5. Berlin & Jones; Union fishing secession fishes


         6. The result of the attack upon Washington – “Let you alone and you’l [sic]

                 steal the capital” (2 copies)


         7. D. Murphy’s Son; “The southern Vulture ‘hard up’” (3 copies)


 J.   Devils


         1. Alabama Home Guards (2 copies)


         2. Dixie’s Leader – The Devil


         3. The Emblem of the South – Devil atop cotton (2 copies)


         4. “When shall we all meet again”


         5. Southern Aristocracy (A la Mushroom)


         6. “An Eminent Southern Clergyman, During an eloquent discourse, is

                 wonderfully assisted in finding scriptural authority for Secession and                         Treason, and the divine ordination of Slavery”  


         7. Stimson & Co.; The innocent cause of all the trouble (2 copies)


         8. Stimson & Co.; “The devil he sat with his claw in his mouth, regarding

                 with favor the row at the south…”


         9. J. E. Hayes – Davis, Stephens, and Beauregard with devil – “When shall

                 we three meet again”


         10. Mumford & Co.; “The Devil – The First Secessionist”


         11. Secession / Treason


         12. Samuel C. Upham; “There was a man in our town, and he was wondrous

                 wise.  He jumped into a bramble-bush, and scratched out both his eyes…”


         13. S. C. Upham; “Uncle Sam cutting down the ‘Secession Tree’ just as it is in

                 full bloom, against the wishes of the planter”  (2 copies)


         14. “The Standard Bearer of the C. S. A.  A hell of a feller”


 K.  Jefferson Davis


         1. The “union boys” after Jeff Davis’s Pirates, Off Charleston Harbor (2



         2. The way Washington was Taken – Jeff Davis and Beauregard are ‘looking

                 toward Washington,’ and have been for six months past.


         3. J. P. Mickley; Jeff. Davis’ thieving proposition of a Piece-able separation.


         4. S. C. Upham; Jeff. Davis going to war; Jeff Davis returning from war.


         5. John G. Wells; “Fate of Traitors” (2 copies)


         6. Jeff’s Reply to Why Don’t You Take It


         7. Mumford & Co.; Jeff Davis going to war


         8. Mumford & Co.; Jeff. Davis’ War Horse


         9. Proctor & Clark; Jeff, on Harper’s Ferry


         10. A.S. Robinson; Davis as pig holding flag


         11. The Bursting of the Secession Bubbles (3 copies)


         12. New York Union Envelope Depot; “The game he’s at with General Scott,

                 Has made ‘King’ Davis addle-pated…”


         13. Brown & Ryan; “Behold the man!  He said that Cotton Would surely

                 make them inde-pendant!” (3 copies)


         14. Brown & Ryan; “This modern Blondin leaves but one impression Upon

                 the mind of every calm spectator: How easily we circumvent secession…” 
                (4 copies)




         15. New York Union Envelope Depot; “J. D. – Please let me bring my prizes

                 to your premises, Mr. Bull.  Those rascally Yankees are right before my

                 own door, so that I can’t get in.”


         16. New York Union Envelope Depot; “Jeff Davis’ Passport: Mr. Jeff. Davis

                 and friends are permitted to leave the State of Virginia. – Winfield Scott”


         17. Magee; “Pussy Davis in running away, escaped all but her tail.  Gen Scott

                 thinks he has here in a tight place.”


         18. Magee; “Jeff Davis – My little Kentucky ‘Breck’ dances any way I want

                 him to”


         19. Magee; “1st Rat, - Don’t that morsel look tempting Davis shall we take it?”


         20. Magee; “Jeff Davis – If I can only get Uncle Sam’s Constitution.  That

                 will end the matter.”  (2 copies)


         21. Magee; “Jeff Davis – Oh! You have broken my back, I want to be let



         22. S. C. Upham; “I’ll block that game, you thieving rascal!” (2 copies)


         23. Samuel C. Upham; Secession is a hard road to travel


         24. Upham; “A Chance for his Life”  Jeff. Davis can’t play Yankee Doodle to

                 save his life.”  (2 copies)


         25. S. C. Upham; “J. D. – Doctor, I don’t know what to think of my disorder.  

                 I should call it the ague, only the fever came first, and now I am shaking in

                 my boots.”


         26. S. C. Upham; “A Flying rumour for Jeff. Davis’ ‘Private-ear;’  The

                 opening of the ports on the rebel coast.”  (2 copies)


         27. S. C. Upham; “Grandmother Davis administering the Sugar-Coated pill of

                 secession to Miss Virginia.”


         28. S. C. Upham; “Jeff—I want to be ‘let a loan’ on these little collaterals” (2



         29. S. C. Upham; “J. D. putting his best foot foremost.  A poor disquise”


         30. D. Murphy’s Son; “Jeff in a tight place, he won’t get off ‘Scott Free’” (4



         31. D. Murphy’s Son; “The traitor Arnold giving a warm reception to the

                 Traitor Davis.”  (2 copies)


         32. D. Murphy’s Son; “Jeff thought he could take Washington but he made a

                 mistake and now he nose it”


         33. D. Murphy’s Son; “Jeff Davis surprised in his attempt to rob the American

                 Eagle’s Nest”


         34. D. Murphy’s Son; “Jeff Davis’ Doom”


         35. Co. A. Jeff D’s Zouaves


         36. “Jeff’s Knave-y.  Seven wise men of Gotham went to sea in a bowl”  (5



         37. “Jeff’s unbounded ambition gives him an elevated position” (2 copies)


         38. “Latest News from the South – The Union feeling is increasing”


         39. Secession Trap – Jeff. Davis on gallows


         40. Uncle Sam & Jeff – “Jes So Jeff! And More to” (3 copies)


         41. Davis (?) hanging by snake – “De fowler caught in his own snare” (3



         42. “Let me alone – Jeff Davis Taken from Life”


         43. “Didn’t I tell you so? Jeff. Davis”  (3 copies)


         44. Jeff Davis kicked from behind; “His Marque”  (2 copies)


         45. Jeff. Davis’ passport – “Mr. Jeff. Davis and friends are permitted to leave

                 the State of Virginia – Winfield Scott.” (5 copies)


         46. “This tells its own story”


         47. “O Jeff! You little noisy cur!  You’ve made our patriot blood to stir…” (2



         48. Jeff. Davis on the March


         49. Scott’s hand hovering over Jeff. Davis  (2 copies)


         50. Nightmare – Mrs. Davis dreaming she saw her husband with a rope

                 around his neck”


         51. Washwoman Davis – “Lor’ bless my soul, how these blacks are flying!

                 They’ll dirty all my clothes!”


         52. “Jeff’s a Negro-Man, sir: he seeks to know the ‘bitter end,’ and finds

                 confusion and ruin only.  Everything wrong side up”


         53. Jeff. And his pet (3 copies)


         54. “Success shall perch upon our banner – J. D.”


         55.  Jefferson Davis riding in a carriage with the devil.


         56. The Washinton Grape – The chances are scaly” (4 copies)


         57. The flag of a New Confederacy – Uncle Sam leaving his mark (2 copies)


         58. “Jeff. Davis, Long May He Wave”


         59. “How about Washington? Let me alone!”  (2 copies)


         60. Jeff. Davis Getting to the White House—With his eyes on Washington,

                 Jeff is unconscious of the way in which he sits in his saddle…” (2 copies)


         61 “Trees-on a hard way road to travel”


         62. Jeff Davis, Used Up.


         63. Jeff. Davis’ Confederate Bonds (2 copies)


         64. Monument to the memory of Jeff. Davis


         65. “Scott—Leave that Tree! You Rascal.  Jeff—Let me alone, won’t you?  I

                 want nothing but the rights of my Section”


         66. D. Murphy’s Son; Master Jeff – and his Navy.


         67. J. Magee;“Jeff Sound on the Goose – Our brave Union Eagle you thought

                 to stride and ride, But the bird wouldn’t bear such a burden…”


         68. “Take the Rac. – we’re played out”


         69. “Those grapes up there which look so fine, Which I so lately thought  

                 were mine, -- Since they are now beyond my power, I’ll ‘let alone,’ I

                 guess they’re sour.” (2 copies)


         70. President Jeff.  His Pipe will soon be out.


         71. Mushroom Fungus, Esq.—(alias Jeff. Davis)  President of Southern



         72. J. D.’s body guard.


         73. “The Washington Grape” (2 copies)


         74. D. Murphy’s Son; “J-ackass Davis and G-asconade Beauregard backing

                 each other”


         75. Magee; “Poor blind Secession led by dog Jeff”


         76. “Jeff. Chewing the Secession Flag-root”  (2 copies)


         77. “J. D. (his Crest)” (5 copies)


         78. “J. D. His Marque” (4 copies)


         79. “Jeff. Davis His Marque”


         80. “Beware: Jeff Davis”  Eagle vs. Jeff Davis’ fist full of snakes (2 copies)


         81. Jeff Davis’s Private’tears Death Warrant (2 copies)


         82. “Come and take a Horn, Jeff.”  “You go away and let me alone” (2 copies)


         83. “Jeff Davis – Fate of Traitors!”


         84. Jef Davis – The wrong man in the right place (3 copies)


         85. Jeff at Manassas, July 23; Jeff at Richmond, Aug. 23 (2 copies)


         86. Jeff, trying to tickle the British Lion with cotton.


         87. “‘Whar is Massa Jeff now, dat’s what’s de matter’ – the latest contraband

                 of war.” (2 copies)


         88. D. Murphy’s Son;  “Jeff the dictator (as he is); Jeff the dig-tater-er (as he

                 should be)”


         89. Jeff and Beauregard on their Last Ride – “Traitor Jeff and his Vice Cotton,

                 Stephens, are now driven to their last kick…”



         90. To Washington Through Baltimore.  “Jeff Davis boasts that ‘cotton’s

                 king,’ upon his throne so rotten – But he’ll soon find, amid his swing, that

                 Hemp is king of cotton”


         91. Jeff’s march on Washington – “Zouave – ‘Uncle Abe will be glad to see

                 you.  His courage kept up to the sticking point’”


         92. Jeff Davis Alarmed.  “I wish I was [sic] well out of this, I do believe I am

                 in a rale [sic] hard fix.” (4 copies)


         93. Unexpected results arising from fall of Sumpter’s flag.


         94. A Bird’s eye view of the Great Southern Loan – “All we ask is to be let



         95. Artemas Ward having had his “Wax Figger Show” ‘fiscated, is taken

                 before Jeff. Davis by the Vigilance Committee


         96. Deluded Southerner – “Jeff was going to take Washington by the 4th of

                 July—and now it is the 10th…”


         97. “Pirate – Jeff Davis’s Letters of Mark”


         98. A Warm Reception for Jeff. Davis


         99. Little “Jeff” in a tight place.


         100. “You can’t come it, Jeff.”


         101. Blood Money; Or How Southern Rebels Encourage Piracy; “Southern



 L.  Beauregard


         1. Gen. Beauregard on his homeward March (4 copies)


         2. “Where is Beauregard?”  Express from Manassas Gap


         3. Ben. Beauregard and his Lady Love (2 copies)


         4. Grave site – “Beauregard Killed Fort…”




         5. Proctor & Clark – “I, G. T. Beauregard, Brigadier-General of the

                 Confederate states, commanding at Camp Pickens, Manassas Junction, do

                 make this my Proclamation…” (4 copies)


         6. S. C. Upham; Mary – “Why, Johnny, what have you been doing?”  Johnny

                 – “Oh, nothing, Aunt Mary!  Joe and I were playing Scott and Beauregard,

                 and I was Beauregard—that’s all!”  (2 copies)


         7. D. Murphy’s Son;  G. T. Beauregard and his Shadow (2 copies)


 M.  Wigfall


         1. Wigfall on his promised descent on Washington (3 copies)


         2. Wigfall in search of Information


         3. Wigfall.


         4. Proctor & Clark; Wigfall in the disguise of a Drover, visits Washington.  

                 He is surprised at his discoveries.  (2 copies)


 5. S. Robinson; One of the Wigfall family.


 N.  People


         1. Samuel C. Upham; The Bragg fruit of Palmetto Tree-son.


         2. “I’se from Harper’s Ferry”


         3. A Northern Traitor (2 copies)


         4. Agricultural Implements going South (2 copies)


         5. Let Me Alone (2 copies)


         6. A Southern Politician – “Making a Raise”  (4 copies)


         7. “Catch Him Catch Him Ha Ha Ha”  (5 copies)


         8. An Officer in ‘King Cotton’s’ Army addressing his constituents (8 copies)


         9. “Oh Dear! Dear!  This is a Much Heavier Burden than I had ever

                 anticipated!!”  (2 copies)


         10. Wm. Ridenburgh; The “double quick” movement as performed in Virginia

                 by the C. S. A. 55ths.


         11. Wm. Ridenburgh; Plenty of Drumming, but no Recruits


         12. Wm. Ridenburgh; What they must soon come to (2 copies)


         13. Wm. Ridenburgh; Brothers in the tented field—plenty of Water, but no



         14. Harpell PR.; “Jeff announceth to ye rebel Cabinett ye grayte scheme of

                 invytynge Grayte Brittayne to send out a Royall Babbie to take chge of ye

                 cottonocracy of ye south – ye which produceth much merrymeant among

                 ye aforesaid”


         15. Harpell PR.; The individual who Designs the comic union envelopes for

                 the west, “or any other man”


         16. James Gates; “Come back you black rascal” / “Can’t koershun De’s

                 colours; we’s de ‘Butler Contrabans’” (3 copies)


         17. John G. Wells; “Virginia in 1776; Virginia in 1861” (2 copies)


         18. Young, Lockwood & Co.; “Farewell to the Good Old Times”


         19. Mumford & Co.; “Wait ‘till the war is over”


         20. Proctor & Clark; Gov. Letcher, brining in clothes stolen from Union



         21. James Gates; “Art. Ward Jr.’s Speech 2 the U. S. Army!” (3 copies)


         22. Secession Cavalry


         23. The Upshot of Secession (4 copies)


         24. Secession States – Present / Secession States – Future


         25. Horseback rider to ‘Miss. Ouri,’ “Why don’t you get up behind” (3 copies)


         26. One of the ends of secession.


         27. Secessionists leaving the Union (2 copies)


         28. Virginia begins the War.


         29. Brown & Ryan; “To the Rescue of the ‘Sacred Soil;’ Whom the gods

                 would destroy they make foolish at first…” (5 copies)


         30. Magee; “A Rebel’s Masked Battery”


         31. Magee; Russell taking a Lunch; “Russell soliliquising – Well, after all,

                 this is a very nice way to go to the fight”


         32. Magee; “Columbia awake at last” (2 copies)


         33. Magee; Secession Rope.  General Scott – “Come off that rope, you



         34. Grand Victorious ‘Return’ march of the Rebels (4 copies)


         35. The flying Artillery of the C. S. A.


         36. Upham; The “Dance of Death” in Virginia; the ball opened


         37. S. C. Upham; “The ‘key’ to the Southern Rebellion”


         38. S. C. Upham; Army Rations of the Southern Confederacy – The

                 Quartermaster dealing out the allowance. (2 copies)


         39. S. C. Upham; The New Constellation.


         40. D. Murphy’s Son; “Poor deluded Miss-Souri takes a Secession Bath, and

                 finds it much hotter than she expected!” (4 copies)


         41. D. Murphy’s Son; “The Result of playing with dangerous weapons – the

                 sure result of traitors beware!” (2 copies)


         42. D. Murphy’s Son; “A New Way to Pay Old Debts, as practiced by the

                 ‘Southern Chivalry’”


         43. D. Murphy’s Son; “One of South Carolina’s ‘noble sons’ who invested his

                 cash in Confederate bonds.  The result – nary red”  (2 copies)


         44. D. Murphy’s Son; “One of the F.F.V’s after his contraband.  General

                 Butler ‘can’t see it’”


         45. D. Murphy’s Son; “Virginny, mother of ‘Old Dominion’ Presidents and

                 other (Wise) things, is asked by Mrs. Davis to try a cup of secession tea –

                 and finds DEATH in the pot!”



         46. D. Murphy’s Son; “Union Jack sending one of Jeff Davis’ Pirates to

                 ‘Davy Jones locker’ – Serves ‘em right”  (3 copies)


         47. D. Murphy’s Son; The Result of Secession – Julius – “Is your massa 
                Union or Session?...”


         48. D. Murphy’s Son; A King for the South “They want a king down South –

                 King Dahomey sends Prince Sauce-pan of the royal blood…”


         49. D. Murphy’s Son; A member of the C. S. A. Alligator Rangers, who is to

                 make 5 of the ‘Northern mudsils’ run.  We don’t see it.


         50. To-day a King, To-morrow nothing (2 copies)


         51. The way the Southern Loan was taken


         52. “‘Neath a ragged Palmetto, a Southern sat / A twisting the band of his

                 Panama hat, / And trying to lighten his mind of a load…”


         53. “Vice Prest. Stephens, C. S. A. – ‘I would give up all hopes in this world

                 and the next were I well out of this scrape.’


         54. John – “I paid the cash for this cotton and want to pass?”  Sam – “Well,

                 you can stay where you are! But you can’t pass Joney!!!” (2 copies)


         55. “Them pesky Treason fellers hev got to hev rope and ‘more tew,’ and we

                 mite jest as well be getting the hemp dewins ready first as last and give em

                 full swing”  Agriculture / Manufactures / Fine Arts


         56. Agriculture / Manufactures / Fine Arts (without “them pesky…”



         57. The Country’s in danger! --- that’s what’s the matter.


         58. One of the “flowers” of the Rebel Army, provided with a pair of seven-

                 league boots (4 copies)


         59. Rebel Army “Rations” (2 copies)


         60. One of the C. S. A. generals whose quiet will soon be disturbed.


         61. Poor Old Simple Virginia – “You may plant your seeds in peace, for Old

                 Virginia will have to bear the brunt of battle – Gov. Pickens”  (4 copies)


         62. I’m just from Dixie’s Land.


         63. Commissioners of C. S. A. at the foreign courts (3 copies)

         64. The Man who conceived C. S. A. (3 copies)


         65. “Don’t see it.” (2 copies)


         66. Soldier cutting up American flag with sword


         67. “Ha!! Wise!!! Proclamation.  Bring on your Five to One” (2 copies)


         68. Longing for the White House


         69. “By golly Massa Butler.  I like dis better dan workin’ in de field for ole

                 Sesesh massa”


         70. Floyd off for the South – All that Seceeding [sic] States ask is to be “let



         71. Hy. A. Wise – one of the F. F. V.’s of the C. S. A. “Good on the blow” (2



         72.  Marshall Kane, of Baltimore – before, after his arrest.


         73. Evacuation of Harper’s Ferry


         74. The Impending Crisis


         75. “Him fader’s hope, Him moder’s joy, Him darling little contraband boy”


         76. The First Step in the Art of War – How to Run


         77. Dixie’s Land


         78. O, Where are all of my friends?


         79. The Southern Army as it will appear when it enters Washington


         80. G. M. Whipple; Schenkl’s Volatile Pills for Purifying the Blood


         81. E. Cogan; “Coming events cast their shadows before”


         82. E. Cogan; Confederate soldier sees his shadow in a noose.


 O.  Skulls


         1. Weighed, and found Wanting (2 copies)


         2. Skull and Crossbones on flag


         3. Wm. Ridenburgh; A Design for the Coat of Arms of the C. S. A.


 P.  Other


         1. Confederate Bonds (4 copies)


         2. South Carolina Palmetto Flag – “The Black Flag and trouble-maker of the

                 Union.  We chastised them in 1832, and will finish the punishment in

                 1861.” (3 copies)


         3. S. C. Flag – “Played Out”  (3 copies)


         4. “Young America : North vs South”


         5. A flag-itious article out of place


         6. May emblems of traitors, ever scurvy Be forever topsy-turvy


         7. J. W. Orr; Good Noose for Traitors


 8. A.S. Robinson; “Southern Ammunition”


         9. End of Secession (2 copies)


         10. “Thou art weighed in the balance, and art found wanting.” – Dan. V. 27


         11. S. C. Upham; “Once on a time the Southern Kite Was mounted to a

                 wondrous height; Where, giddy with its elevation…” (2 copies)


         12. S. C. Upham; “Infernal Machine, found at Washington”


         13. S. C. Upham; Trees-on a hard road to travel


         14. S. C. Upham; “Jewels” found at Alexandria, by the Federal Army;

                 consisting of Chains, Bracelets, and Anklets.  Supposed to have belonged

                 to the “first families of Virginia”


         15. S. H. Zahm & Co.; “Where the money went.  With of Georgia”  


 VI.  Eagles


 A. Facing Left


 1. Eagle with ribbon in mouth on patriotic shield


 2. Eagle atop clasping hands with ribbon in mouth which reads, “In union

         there is Strength.”  Caption reads “The union must be perpetuated.”


 3. Eagle with ribbon in mouth atop patriotic shield.  Caption reads “Then

         conquer we must, when our cause it is just, / And this be our motto—‘In

         God is our Trust.’ / And the star-spangled banner…”


 4. Eagle with ribbon in mouth atop patriotic shield.  Caption reads “Shine,

         stars of the Union! / Wave, Flag of the Free! / The hope of the Nation / Is

         centered in thee!”


 5. Eagle with wings spread out over American flag on pole


 6. Eagle, wings spread; caption reads “Forever wave that standard free –

         Bear it aloft o’er land and sea!”


 7. Eagle with shield with blue border around envelope


         8.Eagle on Shield; caption reads “The Union, the Constitution, and the

                 Enforcement of the Laws”


         9. Eagle holding American flag, fighting snake.  Caption: “Irrepressible

                 Conflict!”  (2 copies)


         10. Eagle with flag and banner which reads “truth” over snake in palmetto

                 tree.  Caption: “Northern Shiver-lery”


         11. Eagle holding American flag with crushed snake, palmetto, and

                 confederate flags


         12. Eagle with banner which reads “E Pluribus Unum”


         13. Eagle with shield, banner reads “Union Forever” (6 copies)


         14. Eagle with snake in beak.  Background shows American Flag and reads

                 “Dan. 11.25”


         15. Eagle on shield with banner, “E Pluribus Unum”


         16. Eagle with shield/arrows; caption: “Safely Guard Our Sacred Birthright”


         17. Charles Magnus; Eagle on flag pole


         18. A. S. Robinson; “The American Eagle about to take a drink on the sly” (2



         19. Mumford & Co.; Eagle atop two hands clasping; banner reads “In Union

                 is strength”


 B.  Facing Right


         1. “When Freedom, from her mountain height, / Unfurled her Standard to the

                 air, / She tore the azure robes of light, / And set the stars of glory there! /

                 Then from his mansion in the sun, She called her Eagle bearer down, And

                 gave into his mighty hand, / The symbol of her chosen land!”


         2. Eagle with shields/stars in background.  Banner reads “E Pluribus Unum”

                 (2 copies)


         3. Eagle with wings spread out over American Flag


         4. Eagle with American Flag; stars in the shape of a heart surround, with

                 “Union” written across the top.


         5. With flag (2 copies)


         6. With shield/ ships in background


         7. With flag; banner reads “Constitution and Union”


         8. With Globe;  Caption reads “What God has Joined Let No Man Rut

                 Asunder”  (2 copies)


         9. With flag.  “Union” written across top.


         10. “Victory is sure to come”


         11. With banner which reads “Majestic monarch of the cloud, Who rear’st

                 aloft thy regal form.  Child of the sun! to thee ‘t is given to guard the

                 banner of the free”


         12. With shield


         13. On rock with flag.  Caption reads, “The Constitution and the Laws.  

                 Where cease to wave the stripes and stars, the People cease to reign.”


         14. With Shield.  Red border surround envelope.


         15. With two flags and oval patriotic design


         16. E. K. Kimmel; With flag.  “Union” written across top.


         17. E. K. Kimmel; with flag in color


         18. Magee; With flag/circle design.  “United Forever”


         19. Magee; With flag/circle design; “United we stand, divided we fall”


         20. J.B. Elliott; With flag/banner which reads “Protection;”


         21. J. R. Hawley; With Flags, shield, constitution, “E Pluribus Unum” banner


         22. Snow & Hapgood; “The Eagle shall bear the rattlesnake in his beak and

                 rend him with his talons”

 VII.  Flags


 A.  Facing Left


         1. W. B. Keen; With clasping hands, stars, and the constitution.


         2. W. B. Keen; With clasping hands, stars, and the constitution plus “Freedom’s                         broad pinions.


         3. J. Gates; “The banner of beauty”


         4. “Protect it!” (2 copies)


         5. Blue/White design (2 copies)


         6. “Obey the laws and support the Constitution of the United States” – Dying

                 words of Douglas


         7. With sun/clouds background (2 copies)


         8. With coat of arms


         9. “Give me Liberty, or give me death!”


         10. With sun/clouds background, in circle with states names (2 copies)


         11. History of Our Flag – “The Flag, during the Confederation..”


         12. “Stand by the flag.”


 B. Facing Right


         1. F. Hedge; Man with sword, ships in background


         2. W. B. Keen; “In triumph shall wave”


         3. James Gates; “The Flag of our Country”


         4. James Gates; “The Flag of our Country – If any man attempts to haul

                 down the American Flag shoot him on the spot – John A. Dix”


         5. Magee; Flag with eagle in a circle of states’ names


         6. D. Murphy’s Son; “The Union, Constitution, Liberty and Law – What if a

                 hungry rat should cross the path of an Elephant, squelch it, by Heaven,

                 squelch it” (4 copies)


         7. “My God first, my country next, and then my family”


         8. Flag in square


         9. Flag on pole


         10. Flag on pole with pink background


         11. “Our Country – If any one attempts to haul down the American Flag,

                 shoot him on the spot” – John A. Dix


         12. Soldier standing next to flag with capitol building in background


         13. “Obey the laws and support the Constitution of the United States – Dying

                 words of Douglas”


         14. “Stand by the Union” (2 copies)


         15. Flag on pole


         16. “Cannot come down”


         17. “Stand by the flag”


         18. “Union and the Constitution – ‘If any one attempts to haul down the

                 American flag, shoot him on the spot’ – John A. Dix”


         19. “Our Union of States none can sever: Union of hearts—Union of hands—

                 and the flag of our Union forever!”


         20. Flag on pole


         21. “Stand by the flag”


         22. Flag on pole with eagle


         23. “Union and the Constitution – Flag of the free heart’s hope and home! /

                 By angel hands to valor given, / Thy stars have lit the welkin dome…”


         24. “United we Stand, Divided we Fall”


         25. “The laws of the United States must be executed; I have no discretionary

                 power on the subject – Andrew Jackson”


         26. “One Flag and one Government” (2 copies)


         27. Flag with stars shaped into one giant star


         28. “Stand by the flag” (3 copies)


         29. “Long may it wave”


         30. “Stand by the flag”


         31. Flag on pole (2)


         32. “Union”


         33. “The union of lakes, the union of lands, / The union of states none can



         34. “Stand by the flag”


         35. “The day of absolute victory shall be made to come, if we fight for a



         36. Flag on pole with eagle


         37. “Stand by the flag”


         38. “Stand by the Union”


         39. “Stand by the flag” – with eagle


         40. Flag on pole


         41. “Liberty and Union! Long may it wave!”


         42. Flag on pole


         43. “The star spangled banner shall ever float above the filthy rag of disunion”


         44. “Stand by the flag”


         45. “Stand by the flag”


         46. “Stand by the Flag – I speak to-day for the preservation of the Union. /

                 There can be no such thing as a peaceable Secession”


         47. “The union forever”


         48. Secession – root or die (3 copies)


         49. “Whole or none”  (7 copies)


 C.  Two or more flags


         1. Teulon; “Union Forever”


         2. J. R. Hawley; Overall patriotic design with “Union” written across the



         3. “The Union and the laws must be sustained”


         4. “This flag will run”


         5. Two flags tied together with ribbon


         6. “God and our native land—For the flag our father gave, / O’er our

                 Children’s head shall wave, / And their children’s children’s grave.  / God

                 for our Native Land”  (2 copies)


         7. Massachusetts state seal


 VIII.  Male Designs


 A.  One male with no flag


         1.Soldier with gun; “Guards, Up and At Them”


         2. Soldier with gun watching over camp


         3. Soldier in coat of arms; “We seek peace by the sword”


         4. Soldier with gun; “Through Baltimore”


         5. S. C. Upham; Soldier with wife; “Change, Arms!  The Union Volunteer

                 leaving his ‘Old Arms’ for the ‘New Minnie’”


         6. A. S. Robinson; “I have no hesitation in saying, and I say it boldly, this

                 Civil War is Ruinous!” (3 copies)


         7. J. M. Whittenmore & Co.; Soldier with gun on battlefield


         8. “Forgive me, my friends, ef I seem to be het, / But a crisis like this much

                 with vigor be met: / When a Davis the star-spangled banner bestains…” (2



         9. Man on horseback: “Proclamation: All traitors are hereby notified to leave

                 the country at once, under penalty of death”


         10. Man on horseback: “Send it abroad, that the Loyal States will have no

                 Compromise with Traitors, Treason, or Treachery.”


 B.  Male with one or more other person


         1. A. S. Robinson; “Forward march to Richmond!”


         2. “The constitution and the laws”


         3. “E Pluribus Unum – Constitution and Laws”


         4. New York Union Envelope Depot; “For the Flag our fathers gave, / O’er

                 our Children’s head shall wave, / And their Children’s children’s grave, /

                 God for our native land” (2 copies)


 C. With Flag, but not holding the flag


         1. “By the eternal, the Union must and shall be preserved”


         2. “If anyone attempts to haul down the American Flag, shoot him on the



         3. “The War for the Union”


         4. “Forever shall it wave, our Nation’s Emblem, bidding defiance to Rebels

                 and Traitors!”  (2 copies)


         5. “The gallant Mr. Hart, of New York, nailing the flag of Sumter to the

                 mast, amidst the fire of rebel forts”


         6. “Liberty and Union” (2 copies)


 D. Holding flag, flag points right


         1. “Strike—till the last armed foe expires. / Strike—for your altars and your

                 fires, / Strike –for the green graves of your sires, / God – and your native

                 land!” (2 copies)


         2. “Excelsior”


         3. “Stand by the flag!” (2 copies)


         4. “For rights is right, since God is God, / And right the day must win…”


         5. Soldier holding flag


         6. Soldier holding flag, “Ezek. 5-9”


         7. “Washington via Baltimore” (2 copies)


         8. Soldier holding flag and gun, looking right


         9. Soldier holding flag and gun, looking left


         10. “Strike—till the last armed foe expires”


 E. Holding Flag, flag points left


         1. “The Traitor’s Doom – O’er Sumter’s walls, again our flag we’ll wave, /

                 And give to traitors all a bloody grave; / The union and the laws maintain

                 we must, / And Treason’s banner trample in the dust”


         2. Soldier with sword on battle field


         3. Naval design; “If anyone attempts to haul down the flag, shoot him on the



         4. “Treason will sink and truth shall soar where’er our banner floats!” (2



         5. “Don’t give up the ship”


         6. “Forward!”


         7. “The Constitution of our Fathers”


         8.  Soldier with sword


         9. Waterfall background


         10. With hat and rope


         11. “Death or Victory”


 IX.  Female Designs


 A. With one or more person


         1. With scales and harp


         2. Chas. Magnus;  With Native American


         3. Magee; “Friend Jane – ‘I have brought thee a Staff and a Hat, which I

                 hope will prove serviceable in these times’”


         4. “‘And the wheat shall be gathered from the chaff’ - and the chaff will be



         5. “The girl I left behind me—‘He turn’d and left the spot—O! do not deem

                 him weak -- / For dountless was the soldier’s heart…’”


         6. “The girl I left behind me”


         7. “Off for the war”


         8. “The results of Uncle Sam’s Government—Peace, Plenty, and Prosperity”


 B. Sitting Alone


         1. Harbach & Brother; “Victory”


         2. Wm. Ridenburgh; “Columbia recording the names of her Heroes”


         3. John G. Wells; “Onward to victory”


         4. Chas. Magnus; “Ninth A. C.” with flag


         5. Chas. Magnus; “Ninth A. C.” with shield (2 copies)


         6. Magnus; Ships/Eagle


         7. “Our Country”


         8. “Flag of the Brave, Thy Folds Shall fly, The Sign of Hope, and Triumph

                 High” (2 copies)


         9. With shield and flag


         10. With shield/grapes


         11. “The Ladies’ Envelope – O, Liberty! Thou goddess fair! / We to a maiden

                 thee compare, / Because thy mission is to bind / In bonds of “Union” all



         12. On globe with horn


         13. “Liberty and Union” (2 copies)


         14. With shield


         15. With shield and eagle


         16. Liberty and Union, Now and Forever!


         17. “Strike for your country, and your country’s laws, Heaven’s smile is on so

                 just and true a cause.”


 C.  Standing, No Flag


         1. With shield


         2. With shield and eagle (3 copies)        


         3. “Union” with shield


         4. “I have no one to send – I’ll go myself, and nurse the sick”  (3 copies)


         5. “Justice shall be done, and our beloved country blessed by the expulsion

                 of secession villains and politicians”


         6. “Union” with shield


         7. “If I cannot fight, I can feed those who do”


         8. With shield


         9. Magnus; With shield (2 copies)


         10. “My only support – both boys gone to the war.  I wonder if they would

                 take me?” (2 copies)


         11. With shield; Ships in background


         12. With shield in color


         13. In battle regalia


         14. Magnus; “Ninth A. C.” (2 copies)


         15. C. Magnus; St. Mathew Church; Trinity Church, U. S. Arsenal; Military



         16. J. G. Wells; Ft. Sumpter (2 copies)


         17. J. E. Hayes; “Defender of the Stars and Stripes!  A nation mourns thy loss.  

                 A Nation’s Tears thy memory shall belong”


         18. J. M. Whittenmore & Co.; “The Modern Laocoon”


 D. Standing, With Flag


         1. “Sumter First – Peace Afterwards”


         2. “Columbia rules the Ocean”


         3. On globe with flag


         4. “In memory of the gallant officers and men, who fell, at the battle of

                 Bull’s run July 21st, 1861.”


         5. Chas. Magnus; “Ninth A.C.”


         6. D. Murphy’s Son; “The spirit of the Union crushing out Secession” (2



         7. Wearing flag dress


         8. “Union and Constitution”


         9. “True to the stars and Stripes” (2 copies)


         10. “From her slumber the Genius of Freedom is waking”


         11. “God Save the Union”  (5 copies)


         12. “Our Country”


         13. With portrait of George Washington


         14. With flag and sword


         15. “Liberty and Union”


         16. With shield and flag (2 copies)


         17. “The Union Must and Shall be Preserved”


         18. With battle regalia


         19. With eagle and flag


         20. In patriotic clothing


         21. With flag


         22. “To arms, to arms, ye brave.  Th’ avenging sword unsheathe March on!

                 March on! …”


         23. “Our Hearts are with them”


         24. “Union!”


 X.  Other Subjects


 A. Bells


         1. “Liberty – Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land, unto all the

                 inhabitants thereof”  (3 copies)


 B.  Shields


         1. J. M. Whittenmore & Co.; “Liberty  or Death”


         2. H. Roper & Co.; “A million brave spirits, all shout with one voice, ‘We

                 will die for the rights we demand’…”


         3. James Gates; “Our glorious union forever”


         4. Jas. Gates; “Union and Liberty” with flags framing address lines


         5. Young, Lockwood & Co.; “Union Forever – From the Atlantic to the

                 Pacific, from the St. Lawrence to the Gulf of Mexico, …”


         6. A. S. Robinson; Connecticut state symbol (?)


         7. Gibson & Co.; “E Pluribus Unum”


         8. “In union there is strength”


         9. “The Union –The Constitution, and the Enforcement of the Laws” (3



         10. Eagle with shield


         11. “The Union Forever”


         12. “Shine, stars of the Union! Wave, flag of the Free…”


         13. “Then conquer we must, when our cause is just…”


         14. “The dread of traitors”


         15. “Liberty and Union”


         16. “E Pluribus Unum”


         17. “E Pluribus Unum”


         18. “No compromise with Traitors – Rebellion Must be Put down”


         19. “God speed the right”


         20. “Stand by the flag”


 C.   Ships/Naval


         1. “Privateering under difficulties”


         2. “The Great West vs The Great South”


         3. “The great naval battle between Ericsson’s Monitor, and the Merrimac,

                 March 9th, 1862”


         4. Chas. Magnus; Women with anchors


         5. ‘Magnus type’; Sailor with flag


         6. “Flag of the seas!  On ocean’s wave, Thy stars shall glitter o’er the brave”  

                 (2 copies)


         7. With man and woman holding flag; “Flag of the seas! On ocean’s



         8. “Hearts of Oak are our Ships, / Gallant Tars are our men; / We always are

                 ready, / Steady, boys, Steady!” (2 copies)


         9. Ship with flag


         10. Ship with flags for sails


         11. “Thou, too, sail on, O Ship of State! / Sail on, O, Union, Strong and Great!

                 / Humanity with all its fears, / With all the hopes of future years, Is

                 hanging breathless on thy fate!...”


         12. “The Merchant Service—the Nursery of our Navy”


 D.  Weapons/ Union Might


         1. Young, Lockwood & Co.; “The Strong Arm of the North”


         2. Magee; “Little Monkey Jeff having crawled into ‘Union’ is very likely to

                 get blown out”


         3. “The Soldier’s Dream of Home”


         4. S. C. Upham; “Our ‘Commissioner’ to the Confederate States”


         5. Soldier with cannon/flag


         6. “The lock and Key” (2 copies)


         7. “Our Gunboats attacking the rebel forts – ‘There is no disaster of the

                 present war which it is so difficult to bear with any degree of patience…’”


         8. “Our Compromise”


         9. “Baby Waker”


         10. To Cure Rebellion – This is the Pill that will Cure or Kill


 E.  Trees/Agriculture


         1. D. Murphy’s Son; The cotton plant – King of the South.


         2. A. S. Robinson; “Charter Oak”


         3. “Enough of speech; the trumpet rings! / Be silent, patient, calm: / God

                 help them if the tempest swings / The Pine against the Palm – Holmes”


         4. The Tree of Liberty – Traitor, spare that tree! / Touch not a single bough /

                 In youth it sheltered me, / And I’ll protest it now.


 F.  Words (U.S., Union, etc)


         1. “The Zouave Defender”  Address form – Reg’t: ; Col.; Com’q; etc.


         2. “Success to our Volunteers – Never Surrender”  Address form


         3. J. E. Tilton & Co.; Address form


         4. King & Baird; Address form


         5. “1776”


         6. “1776 – The Old Continentals, In ragged regimentals, Faltered not”


         7. Car Bell/Edward Cogan; “U. S. A.” on left side


         8. Car Bell/Edward Cogan; “U.S.A.” across top


         9. “Death to Traitors”


         10. “O-ld secesh is caught; / U-nion has him; / A-nd the old serpent is to be /

                 crushed forever”


         11. Magee; The Union shall exist as long as the compass points to the North


         12. Magee; “True to the Union”


         13. Magee; “Give a Wreath to the brave, Who their country would save”


         14. “Union”


         15. “The Constitution and the Laws”


         16. “U. S. A.”


         17. “U. S.”


         18. Washington’s Farewell Address – “To the efficacy and permanency of

                 your Union…”  (2 copies)


         19. “Union!”


 G.  Stars/Patriotic Designs


         1. Star in upper left corner encircled by red dots (2 copies)


         2. Blue star outlined in tiny white stars in upper left corner (2 copies)


         3. Blue and red grid pattern


         4. Blue and red tracing around envelope folds


 XI.  Confederate-issued Designs


         1. “Remember Fort Sumter”


         2. Savannah – “We have a Government, and we shall enforce its law by the

                 point of the bayonet until it is acknowledged in every foot of its territory”


         3. “Southern Independence – We will Defend it with our Lives and




         4. “Flag of the South! Aye fling its folds / Upon the kindred breeze; /

                 Emblem of dread to tyrant holds, / Of freedom on the seas! / Forever may

                 its stars and stripes / In cloudless glory wave; / Red, white and blue –

                 eternal types…”


 XII.  Miscellaneous Postal covers, not Civil War


         1. A. S. Robinson; “Hartford Wide-Awakes, Organized 1860”


         2. Fairfax Races


         3. “Erin, O Erin, though long in the shade, Thy Star shall shine out when the

                 proudest shall fade”


         4. Male statue (2 copies)


         5. Alfred S. Robinson; Billy Seward, Esq.  


         6. Tract House, Philadelphia; “I’m but a traveler here / Heaven is my home, /

                 Earth is a desert drear, / Heaven is my home…”


         7. Great Central Fair for the Sanitary Commission