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Josephus (37-93 A.D.)

Opera (edited by Erasmus, et. al.) Aurelioe Allabrogum (Savoy) Paul de la Rouiere, 1611. 1102 pp. Folio, leather.


A Jewish historian, Josephus both witnessed and participated in the fall of Jerusalem. As desperate Jews awaited the inevitable Roman victory of troops led by Vespasian, Josephus and his fellows drew lots of suicide. He got the last shard, and thus survived. He later ingratiated himself to the general by predicting his accession to the throne. The history of the Jewish was originally written in Syriac and translated into Greek by the author. Other works concern Jewish antiquities and apologies for the Jewish race. (CD)

Desiderus Erasmus (1466-1536) was a Dutch humanist and the greatest figure of the northern Renaissance. A virtual encyclopedia of scholasticism, he wrote essays, commentaries and translations of the classics. Donnishly opposing the radicalism of Luther, he esteemed the Roman church, with modifications, as the true balm of the human spirit. Erasmus promoted the concept that Western education should be religiously didactic. (EB)

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