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Portrait of Brian Walton, editor


Biblia Sacra Polyglotta (compiled by Brian Walton)

London, Thomas Roycraft, 1655-57. 6 volumes. vol. 1, 1046 pp., vol. 2, 918 pp., vol. 3, 1203 pp., vol. 4, 808 pp., vol. 5, 983 pp., vol. 6, 818 pp. Folio, leather. With portrait of Walton. No leather on spines of vols. 1, 2, and 3.
Hand-lettered inscriptions: Book-plate of D. Nutt, foreign and classical bookseller 270 Strand London, on covers verso of all but vol. 2. From A. H. Lester ca. 1862 on cover verso, vol. 1.

Description: At his death the Bishop of Chester, Brian Walton (1600?-1661) studied at Magdalen and Peterhouse, Cambridge. An adherent of Laud, he offended his parishioners by demanding more munificent tithes. After a brief span in prison because of this impertinence, he went to Oxford and was made D.D. The Bible was one of the first books published by subscription in England, at a putative price of 10 pounds. Eight thousand pounds were collected to finance the printing. Two dedications were affixed, the first to Cromwell, superseded by one to Charles II. On the Index, the book was also attacked by Dr. John Owen in England. (DNB)
Thomas Roycroft (d. 1677) was conspicuous in the 17th Century for the excellence of his work. Adept in working with non-Roman types, he also produced a series of the classics under the editorship of John Ogilby. ON the accession of Charles II, he was appointed King’s Printer in the Oriental Languages. He was Master of the Stationer’s Company in 1675. (AP)

Listings: Brunet 4, Ebert 2106, Lowndes, McKissick 931.